Congressman emerges firing

Leftists can’t make any more excuses about the brazen violence.

Another attack left Democrats reeling.

Then this Congressman emerged firing.

Republican Congressman and New York Governor candidate Lee Zeldin is sick of the crime rates skyrocketing.

He knows first hand that crime is skyrocketing because criminals have little to fear.

“Reforms” have allowed the credibly accused – even those caught on video in front of dozens of witnesses – to be set free to roam the streets mere hours after their arrests.

New York’s Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul knows it too.

And that Democrats like her are getting blamed.

Now, Zeldin has emerged firing after the brazen attack against him during a campaign speech.

In a new ad, Zeldin slams his opponent Hochul and the Democrats for their cashless bail disaster and for their inaction on the matter.

On Twitter, Rep. Zeldin wrote, “Just released our new ad, “REPEAL Cashless Bail!”, now airing digitally statewide. Just this summer alone, there have been A LOT of high profile cases of suspects released under cashless bail. We have to FIRE Kathy Hochul on 11/8, repeal cashless bail, & secure our streets.”

In the video, a narrator says, “A man aggressively attacks Lee Zeldin with a weapon. Only hours later, the attacker was released under New York’s dangerous cashless bail program. The very program Lee Zeldin has promised to overhaul as governor. Kathy Hochul sees the endless headlines about violent crime across New York yet refuses to end cashless bail that puts every family’s safety in jeopardy. That’s unconscionable. Protect your family—vote Lee Zeldin for governor.”

During the attack, Zeldin grabbed the suspect, David G. Jakubonis, by the wrist, and others jumped in to subdue him before he could harm the Congressman.

Jakubonis was arrested by the local Sheriff’s Office and charged with attempted assault in the second degree, a felony, but was released on his own recognizance under the cashless bail policies signed into law by disgraced former Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Democrat administration.

Zeldin was speaking of those very same policies at the event when he was attacked.

During an interview with Breitbart News, Zeldin said, “I keep hearing stories of people who get released on cashless bail, and then they go out and commit additional offenses. And judges in case after case, wanting to be able to keep somebody detained or setting cash bail because they are concerned about the person being a flight-risk, maybe they’re concerned about an individual being dangerous, maybe it’s something in their past with a criminal record and past events, maybe its the particular seriousness of the offense – that discretion doesn’t exist for all sorts of different laws that are on the books.”

When discussing the contrast between himself and Governor Hochul, Zeldin added, “When Kathy Hochul gets asked earlier this year about repealing cashless bail because the New York City mayor – who is a Democrat, Eric Adams – had just taken office and he was calling for a major overhaul, and Kathy Hochul said she needs more data. [Radical George Soros-backed District Attorney] Alvin Bragg was refusing to enforce the law starting on day one. He puts out a day one memo, he says all different laws across the board he’s not going to enforce, all sorts of others he’ll treat as lower offenses. Kathy Hochul was asked about this by the media, she says that ‘We all should be cutting him some slack. He just got there. He’s doing his job.’ She does this time and time again when the media is pressing her on these particular issues. She’s giving the wrong answer every time.”

Zeldin will face Hochul in the November General Election.

The race is rated by Real Clear Politics as “likely Democrat” – though it’s now potentially competitive.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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