Citizens are taking matters into their own hands in this crime-plagued city

Across the nation, local police departments are underfunded and understaffed.

And now that has gotten so bad in parts of America, citizens have nowhere to turn.

That is why citizens are taking matters into their own hands in this crime-plagued city.

Citizens are losing hope in most urban centers

“Wow, that could go off in any direction,” Denver resident Jake Schickedanz told ABC 7 in Denver those were his thoughts “Once the guns came out and there was wrestling about it” Schickedanz told the local affiliate.

After hearing a commotion in the early hours of the morning, a group of neighbors went to go see what the hell was going on.

Come to find out, a group of thugs were smashing into every car in sight in a desperate attempt to flee the scene.

It is presumed that they were stealing from cars.

Instead of sitting back and watching these crimes take places, several citizens approached the street thugs.

However, these brave citizens quickly found out that the hoodlums were well armed.

That is when the residents backed off as they were not trying to get killed over property damage. 

Unfortunately, the criminals were able to escape before police officers could arrive and they have yet to be apprehended. 

The Defund The Police movement is wreaking havoc on America

Ever since many large cities made the fateful decision to defund their police departments, chaos has predictably ensued. 

Not only are many departments across the country strapped for funds, but they are also finding it harder than ever to hire new officers. 

Many law abiding citizens are finding themselves fending for their lives on a daily basis due to out of control crime. 

One city that is dealing with out of control crime is Denver, Colorado. 

As a direct result of Denver’s pro-crime policies, the city has been plunged into chaos.

Fed up and losing faith

Citizens are getting fed up, and it’s not surprising citizens tried to take matters into their own hands.

This story out of Denver shows just how desperate and lawless things have become on city streets.

Law abiding citizens have lost faith in the police because they now increasingly have to risk their own lives to keep their communities safe as law enforcement fails to respond.

This is exactly why defunding the police is so stupid and dangerous. 

The city of Denver, along with most other major cities across the country, have made the fictional Gotham city look like Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood. 

Even if police departments were magically able to secure the funding they need overnight, they are still hard-pressed to find qualified law enforcement officers willing to step up and take on the thugs.

After all, who in their right mind would want to be screamed at and treated like garbage all day long by BLM thugs. 

If cities like Denver ever hope to get on the right path, then they will have to completely reinvigorate their law enforcement agencies.

But as long as they keep electing socialists to (mis)manage their city, this will never happen. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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