California’s port mess gets uglier and Governor Newsom is ignoring the pending disaster staring him in the face

American store shelves remain bare, as container ships continue to back up at the nation’s largest port.

Even as workers unload last year’s Halloween supplies in January, a law in California is about to make things much worse.

And Governor Gavin Newsom is ignoring the pending disaster staring him in the face.

Cargo containers waiting to unload at the port of Los Angeles are now so far backed up they’re having to wait along the coast of Mexico, burning fuel for months at a time before they can unload.

Meanwhile, the port is a disaster zone where countless containers have been looted and railroad tracks became so cluttered by looters that a train was recently derailed.

That’s a huge setback, but a bigger one could be on the way soon.

About 35% of cargo coming into the port departs on trains, but the other 65% depends on truckers.

Now a law is likely to go into effect that will make it illegal for about 11% of truckers in the United States to do business in California – including about 70,000 truckers who live in the state.

Known as the “Gig Bill” California Assembly Bill 5 was supposed to go into effect in 2020, but has been held up in court since then as industry representatives desperately try to push back against the big government takeover.

The law – which now looks like it won’t be blocked by courts permanently – will force most private contractors to become employees in order to work in the state.

The Supreme Court has asked the Solicitor General to provide her input.

Unfortunately, Joe Biden is enamored with the insane legislation and wants to replicate it at the federal level.

The law was designed to push more people into unions, but the reality is that it’s punishing people who want to own small, independent businesses – and it’s about to also punish the average consumer.

Considering that about 11% of American truckers are owner-operators and 30% to 40% of Canadian truckers are self-employed, that law could absolutely break the already fragile supply chain.

“There just simply aren’t enough truckers that are willing to do business in the State of California, based on the regulations and the regulatory burden that we put on them to run a business in the state. So they’re moving out of state to become, quite frankly, more successful,” Republican Assemblyman Heath Flora told a City Watch writer.

An ongoing trucker shortage has been creating issues for years – and at this point California’s unnecessary busybody requirements stand to cost American families everywhere.

While inflation is skyrocketing to record highs, it’s nothing compared to the premiums charged for scarce goods on store shelves.

And while price hikes of 30% or more have been shrugged off as being due to temporary supply chain disruptions, the added costs of getting goods onto store shelves will be passed directly on to consumers.

In fact, paying ships to sit at anchor while burning fuel for months at a time is adding to the cost of those Halloween costumes every day – even months after they’re no longer wanted.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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