California politicians want to blame this deeply disturbing slaying on climate change

In most parts of America, crime is through the roof and people are suffering as a result. 

Leftists are terrified to talk about this crime surge because it undermines their entire policy agenda. 

Just look at this recent disturbing slaying that California politicians will want to blame on climate change. 

The Left refuses to take responsibility for their failed, pro-crime policies

Over the years, the Left has proven that they are on the side of crime and violent criminals. 

This has been proven by the surge in violent crime seen in most communities in recent years as a direct result of pro-crime policies during the riots of 2020. 

This crime surge has impacted millions of innocent people in the worst ways imaginable, and one of those people is 17-year-old Matthew Lobos of Los Angeles. 

Like many bored 17-year-olds would do, Lobos decided to attend an underground party at a warehouse in Florence, but unfortunately, this was the last party he ever attended. 

At the party, Lobos got into an altercation with several other men, which is nothing too out of line for a teenage party. 

However, the men he argued with decided to take matters into their own hands once Lobos left the building.

According to police reports, the men who argued with Lobos jumped into a black SUV and slammed into Lobos, but it did not end there. 

One of them then entered a white Acura and ran Lobos over again, killing the teenager on the scene. 

Lobos had a full life in front of him and it goes without saying that his friends and family are absolutely devastated. 

Yet another young life cut short at the hands of violent criminals who feel emboldened to murder others without the fear of being held accountable for this heinous crime. 

Unsurprisingly, the Left is refusing to take any responsibility for this tragic murder, or any of the other thousands of lives lost as a result of their pro-crime policies. 

Blame it on “climate change”

Of course, the same folks onboard with the pro-crime policies are many of the same who are telling everyone the world will end in x number of days because of “climate change.” 

And climate radicals are getting more insane by the day.

If there is one thing leftists are good at, it is taking advantage of horrific events to fit their insane narrative. 

It would not be surprising in the least if climate nazis used the tragic death of Matthew Lobos to bastardize gasoline-powered SUVs and cars like the one that struck and killed him. 

They’ll blame the car instead of the criminal because in their climate cult worldview motor vehicles are evil.

Just consider how the few corporate-controlled press stories that bothered to mention the Waukesha Christmas parade attack last year, blamed the car instead of the criminal.

It wasn’t a deranged leftist that murdered dancing grannies, but rather that an SUV plowed into a parade because in their climate cult worldview motor vehicles are evil.

That’s why the state of California passed a law that would ban new gas-powered vehicles – just another crazy regulation to pour out of the People’s Republic of California. 

California needs to start focusing on their out-of-control crime, which is leaving teenagers slaughtered in the streets.

But this means that California lawmakers would have to take some responsibility for their failures, which they are completely incapable of.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.



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