An ugly unemployment crisis is getting even worse in one blue state

The forever-pandemic is destroying families all over the country.

More than two years have already passed since health dictators made a massive power grab.

And an ugly unemployment crisis is getting even worse in one blue state.

A new federal report shows the Democrats in charge of New York dealt a serious blow to their state’s economy with their bungled response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The east coast state’s job deficit continues to grow beyond the high levels people there were already grappling with before the pandemic hit.

New York has about 454,000 fewer private sector jobs than it had before the pandemic started wreaking havoc with the economy.

That leaves the Empire State with a jaw-dropping 4.1% fewer jobs than it had before elected officials shut down the state.

According to a New York Post report, the state is breaking records in all the wrong ways posting the worst results in the mainland.

“On a percentage basis, only Hawaii and Alaska were worse off,” EJ McMahon, a senior fellow with the Empire Center for Public Policy said. “It will take more than federally subsidized government spending to ignite the economic growth New York needs.”

The federal government has already dumped $270 billion into New York in the past two years.
But no amount of spending can make up for flawed and incompetent leadership.

New York’s economic performance is especially dismal compared to how the rest of the nation is faring.

The United States lost a total of about 21 million jobs during the pandemic and has since recovered a full 19.6 million.

It’s no wonder people have been fleeing the state.

In 2021 Manhattan alone lost 6.9% of its population – another negative record-breaking stat for the local leaders to chew on.

In fact, four of New York’s five counties recorded population decreases greater than any other counties in the nation.

Incredibly, that drastic population decrease happened even with Joe Biden’s Administration flying illegal aliens into the state.

Back in October, Biden’s Press Secretary at the time, Jen Psaki, claimed the government was transporting underaged children they were morally obligated to take under their wings – but the New York Post reported that many were suspiciously mature looking.

They may have all kinds of trouble finding honest work (if that’s what they’re going for) considering that the state has an unemployment rate of 6.2%.

Meanwhile, 12 different rural – and mostly conservative – states have unemployment rates hovering between 2.1% and 2.9%.

Based on how poorly Democrats are running their states, it’s no wonder they face an uphill battle during the upcoming midterm elections.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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