A Democrat Mayor just defied Joe Biden with one eye-opening statement

Joe Biden’s poll numbers are atrocious.

His unpopularity means that Democrats across the country are not blindly falling in line behind him.

And a Democrat Mayor just defied Biden with one eye-opening statement.

Joe Biden continues to push his unconstitutional vaccine mandate.

Biden and public health officials like Dr. Anthony Fauci are determined to extend the forever-pandemic with onerous COVID procedures.

But some people seem to be breaking ranks from the dogmatic COVID regime.

While Biden pushes for more restrictions, San Francisco Mayor London Breed is going in the opposite direction.

Amid news of the Omicron variant spreading, Breed responded, “We are learning to live with COVID and that means everyone assessing their own risk . . . It means making smart choices. It means doing what’s best for our own health and for our families and our communities. It does not mean imposing new restrictions. That’s not what we are doing. We will continue to push forth policies to expand testing, to get people vaccinated and ensure access to care so our schools and businesses can stay open.”

It’s mind-blowing how leftists like Breed are now echoing the recommendations of right-wingers and counter-narrative health experts.

Breed’s words were applicable back in 2020, but it has taken nearly two years for Democrats to admit fault in their draconian strategy.

Only a few short weeks ago, Biden delivered a grim message to unvaccinated Americans that their decision not to get the jab would lead to flooded hospitals and death in the winter months.

But now Omicron is spreading like wildfire, and the calculus has changed.

In the past, Democrats viewed contracting COVID as some type of moral failing.

Only “those” people got COVID, the ones who didn’t wear masks or socially distance or quarantine indefinitely or get the jab.

However, everyone is getting COVID now, even people who are double-vaxxed and boosted.

The good news is that Omicron appears to be far more mild than previous variants – Omicron is reportedly 90% less deadly than Delta, which was already weaker than the original strain.

Despite the encouraging news that Omicron is significantly weaker – some doctors have dubbed it “Omicold” – Biden and a handful of “approved” COVID voices continue to push the panic button.

But the American people are getting sick of it.

Democrats were bludgeoned in off-year elections in 2021, and COVID restrictions were a big reason why.


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