Voters in one blue state are tired of crime and homelessness – but elected Democrats don’t care

It doesn’t matter what regular people think because Democrats think they know what’s best and what’s really important.

Whether it’s vaccine and mask mandates, when schools should reopen as the pandemic wanes, or what’s being taught in schools, that’s the message the far-left has been sending.

Now, voters in one blue state have made it plain that they are tired of crime and homelessness, but elected Democrats don’t care.

California Democrats had their virtual convention on Saturday but crime, homelessness, and their impacts were scarcely mentioned.

Rising inflation somehow didn’t make the cut of issues the party planned to tackle either.

But at a state convention, the war in Ukraine was paramount, as well as “threats to democracy” from “voter suppression” – all in deep blue California, where Democrats have super-majorities and a Republican hasn’t been elected Governor since 2006.

The San Francisco Chronicle points out that these pet issues aren’t first and foremost in the minds of actual voters, saying, “It is questionable from the tone of the weekend’s convention whether Democrats are seeing the gathering storm clouds: 54% of registered California voters feel that the state is moving in the wrong direction while only 36% believe it is headed the right way – down 10 points from just six months ago, according to a Berkeley IGS Poll released last month.”

State party chair Rusty Hicks told delegates Saturday, “I want to call your attention to what I believe is the most important battle before us: the defense of our democracy. Democracy is under attack here at home and abroad.”

If Hicks is right in that belief, he’s got his work cut out for him in convincing even left-leaning Californians to agree.

Also, that might not be an easy task, since everyone in California is mailed a postage-paid ballot at home – thanks to a law instituted by Democrats.

According to polling from the Public Policy Institute of California, voters in the state believe homelessness (#2, at 13%) and crime (#4, at 7%) are among the top issues in the state (#1 was the coronavirus and #3 was the economy).

Eric Schickler, co-director of UC Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Studies said of the poll, “It doesn’t necessarily mean that voters are calling for a crime crackdown and increased sentences. But it is an environment where appeals to public safety are going to be more attractive. Voters are not asking for the ‘tough on crime, three strikes and you’re out’ policies from a generation ago. Instead, voters want ‘police to have the resources and focus to deal with the everyday crimes and activities that make people feel unsafe.’”

But even these moderate requests by constituents seem to be falling on deaf ears.

Just last month, three school board members in deep-blue San Francisco were recalled in landslide margins for being wildly out of step with priorities of parents in the city school district.

Time will tell if arrogance of political leaders elsewhere in the state leads them to a similar fate on Election Night.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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