Treehouse terrorists have neighbors in this leftist bastion pissed

The Pacific Northwest is home to some of the biggest trees on earth.

It’s also home to the worst people attracted by blue state government policies.

But now residents in this leftist bastion are pissed at Treehouse terrorists in their backyard. 

Homelessness has reached a fever pitch in many American cities, especially in liberal-controlled areas. 

Citizens are often left to fend for themselves as a result of do-nothing socialist city councils.

Citizens feel helpless in Portland

Imagine spending a ridiculous amount of money on a new home in the expensive city of Portland, Oregon just to find you have bums terrorizing your neighborhood.

To make matters worse, the socialists running Portland are doing almost nothing about it, allowing these bums to wreak havoc. 

Well that is exactly what is happening to Marysue and Kerry Stickler in southeast Portland, Oregon. 

According to the Stickler family, a group of bums have set up a treehouse about 100 yards from their home.

Unfortunately, this treehouse sits on public land making it very difficult to kick them out. 

As you can imagine these bums are terrorizing this poor couple.

“They’re right outside our bedroom window at night. We can hear them,” Marysue Stickler told local ABC affiliate KATU 2. “They’re fighting. There’s [sic] guys punching women, women screaming up and down the street. It’s horrible,” she went on to say.

But it gets even worse.  The couples’ dog will on occasion bark at the commotion caused by these terrorists and in response they have threatened to shoot the dog.  

Bums shoot at couples’ dog

And they have made good on these threats, as the Sticklers claim that they have been shot at when their dog begins barking. 

Nobody should ever have to live in fear like this, especially in their own homes.

The Sticklers have complained to the city of Portland with little luck. 

Democrat-run cities need to start caring about their residents

The Sticklers are a prime example of the sort of chaos going on in many cities across the nation. 

Especially on the west coast, people live in constant fear of people attacked by unpredictable, drugged up vagabonds. 

Even more irritating, the city almost never does anything about it, allowing these terrorists to keep doing what they’re doing. 

Citizens of the city of Portland have every right to feel betrayed by the people they elected to look after their best interests. 

There are thousands of families like the Sticklers across America who have worked very hard to live the American dream, just to have it ruined by homeless terrorists.

The horror that they endure every day makes life almost unlivable for them, and nobody would blame them for moving out. 

There is no easy way to deal with homeless people but allowing them to set up shop in a treehouse and shoot at houses is not the answer. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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