Thug’s caught-on-camera rampage will have you seeing red

The pro-crime agenda is so far out of hand that blue city District Attorneys have become crime bosses themselves. 

Now, bad guys are convinced they can get away with anything—even murder. 

And this thug’s caught-on-camera rampage will have you seeing red.

Convicted sex offender thug caught a huge break

With a victim on the verge of dying, a convicted sex offender just got a break that will have you seeing red. 

Democrats are creating monsters with their insane pro-crime policies and it’s getting so bad that merely walking down the street could get you permanently disabled or even killed these days. 

One such attack was caught on video when a convicted sex offender sucker punched a man who had just exited a restaurant and appeared to have had nothing to do with him. 

The attack was so ferocious the victim had to undergo brain surgery and remains in a coma barely clinging to life. 

Victim caught completely unaware

The assailant walked up behind the man and caught him completely unaware. 

Based on the shocking nature of the attack you’d expect his attacker to be sitting in prison awaiting attempted murder charges. 

Instead, convicted sex offender Bui Van Phu got a slap on the wrist with two misdemeanor charges and got a “supervised release.” 

It’s ironic that “woke” District Attorneys are going after guns with everything they have, but refuse to take an obviously deranged and dangerous man off the street. 

The New York Police Department had the good sense to charge Van Phu with attempted murder. 

But the District Attorney’s office which is charged with protecting the public quickly replaced that with meaningless legal nonsense. 

The way they’re treating it, you’d think it was a simple case of fisticuffs with both parties fully involved in the dispute. 

But the public is getting more than fed up with the way even violent and clearly dangerous criminals are being coddled. 

After the New York Post ran a front-page story on the DA’s shocking decision, there was such an uproar that Governor Kathy Hochul ordered that he was arrested again.

During a parole hearing Bui’s parole officer testified that his is—obviously—an “imminent threat to the community.”

Public outrage changed the tune

Now that the story’s blown up, Bui is likely to be charged with felonies. 

Meanwhile, only a vast amount of medical expertise will even keep the man who was attacked—52-year-old Jesus Cortez—alive. 

His brother told the New York Post that Cortez was taken off his ventilator on Sunday. 

“Please God, give my brother the strength to stay off the ventilator,” his brother who is keeping a bedside vigil said. 

For all leftists like to pretend their policies are treating minorities with “equity” in reality they’re emboldening dangerous thugs who are only hurting others—most often minorities. 

The only thing leftists are accomplishing with their pro-crime agenda is creating more chaos in society so they can more easily justify manipulating the lives of other people. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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