This major city’s crime surge is spreading like wildfire and nobody should feel safe

It is no secret that crime has skyrocketed across the nation since the riots of 2020.

This is especially true in urban centers from Anchorage to Miami.

But based on recent crime data, there are no signs this surge is slowing. In fact, it’s getting much worse and is spreading like wildfire.

Ever since 2020, when our nation was overrun by domestic terrorists demanding radical change in the name of “racial justice,” crime has skyrocketed.

This is evidenced by nearly every single measure.

Homicide, sexual assault, theft, vandalism, you name it, it is up.

This rise in crime is partly due to massive efforts by the Left to defund the police as well as complete overhauls of many cities’ criminal justice systems.

As a result, criminals are running free with no fear of being arrested or serving any significant time in prison.

This is primarily true for most cities, which have been plagued by rampant crime for many years now.

However, this dynamic is quickly changing.

For proof, just look at Washington State.

Washington State’s largest city, Seattle, is very well known for being a major hub for crime and violence.

In fact, there are many parts of Seattle that even cops do not want to go into.

But this violence is starting to bleed into the rest of the state, which has traditionally had a low rate of violent crime.

For example, in the medium-sized border town of Bellingham, car thefts are up nearly 300% since the 2020 riots.

And in Tacoma, robberies are also up nearly 300%.

Similar statistics can be seen across the state from Pullman to Tacoma.

These spikes in crime across the state prove that these dangerous liberal policies do not just affect major cities like Seattle, but they affect everyone.

Nobody is safe in today’s America, which is why Americans need to take a stand against these extremists.

Criminals need to fear the law and need to be held accountable for the damage they are doing to their community.

A $100 fine or a visit from a mental health counselor does almost nothing to curb violent crimes such as theft and murder.

What cities like Seattle need are harsher, more deliberate penalties for the crimes that are tearing their city apart.

As long as radical leftists are running these cities, crime will continue to go up.

It really is as simple as that.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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