This California policy is so outrageous you’ll think you’re in Venezuela

Like traffic and weather go together, so too do socialism and shortages of basic goods.

Hare-brained government schemes have made supply chain issues chronic, and the problem always seems worse where more Democrats are at the helm.

But one California policy is so outrageous you’ll think you’re in Venezuela.

If supply chain crises, baby formula shortages, and generally sky-high inflation weren’t enough, Californians now get to suffer because of yet another burden: Government-imposed restrictions on water use.

Extreme green bureaucrats in one Golden State water district are installing flow restriction devices on residences deemed to be wasting water.

According to local TV station ABC 7, “The Las Virgenes Municipal Water District began installing water flow restrictors Wednesday, and so far, four have been installed.  Customers who were warned and continued to use more water than was recommended are getting these installed.  The flow restrictor device is about the size of a half dollar with a hole in it.  Without a flow restrictor, water flows normally. Once it has been installed, a considerable amount of water is reduced.”

Incredibly, the device’s main purpose is to “send a message” of environmental righteousness, because it won’t change that the state’s water infrastructure is corroding and not being properly developed to align with residential, industrial, and agricultural needs.

Mike McNutt with the Las Virgenes Municipal Water District said that he hopes the devices will show residents that officials will not tolerate residents using too much water during a severe drought.

The device reduces the amount of water a home can use by a “considerable amount” and would remain in place at each home for at least two weeks, according to the outlet. 

Those who remove the devices will be fined $2,500.

McNutt said, “We had 20 and we dwindled down because, of course, there was people at the last minute that were saying we want to sign this commitment form so we only installed four. We’re getting people to pay attention, and they’re saying we need to be part of the solution.”

The more heavy-handed the regulations become in California, the more people tend to flock elsewhere.

U-Haul is one of the nation’s largest moving rental companies and keeps record of their moving trucks.

In the past two years, more people have left California than arrived there.

The most one-way trips were from California to Tennessee, where Nashville appears to be growing quickly from ex-California residents.

It just goes to show that when you make taxpayers criminals because they want to water their gardens, those taxpayers will actually head to places where those taxes are used for water infrastructure projects instead of free needles for the homeless and free gender reassignment surgeries for inmates.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story. 



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