The Whitmer administration crossed a line with a deranged assault on a group they really should not mess with

Democrats are trying to make atrocious ideas the norm.

It seems they’re spreading them on purpose to every corner so society comes undone.

But the Whitmer administration crossed a major line with a deranged assault on a group they really should not mess with.

Now one state is defending an insane assault on schoolchildren.

Perhaps the only good outcome of COVID is that parents were able to see the radical nonsense their children were being fed.

Conservative journalist Christopher Rufo blew the lid off of the implementation of Critical Race Theory in education, government, and even corporate America.

Now Rufo is helping expose the problem of radical gender theory being foisted on children.

It’s not just random teachers pushing this garbage on children – state departments of education are making it part of the curriculum.

Even the Biden administration is promoting these far-Left concepts.

Leftists wrap messing with kids up in word salads to mask and justify the dark truth

Rufo reported that “the Michigan Department of Education has adopted a radical gender theory program that promotes gender ‘fluidity’ beginning in elementary school and encourages teachers to facilitate the sexual transition of minors without parental consent…The training program mimics the basic narrative of academic queer theory: the presenters claim that the West has created a false notion that ‘gender is binary’ in order to oppress racial and sexual minorities. In response, the department encourages teachers to adopt the principle of ‘intersectionality,’ a key tenet of critical race theory, in order to ‘dismantle systems of oppression,’ which are replicated through the culture and institutions of education.”

Worse yet, after the problem was called out, the far-Left Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s administration shockingly defended it.

The Fauci-pillow owning, FBI kidnap plot colluding Governor’s minion at the Michigan Department of Education issued the administration’s defense in a statement.

A Michigan DoE spokesman wrote, “The Michigan Department of Education believes that protecting and respecting all children takes the partnership of parents, educators, and students. Family engagement is foundational to work with and on behalf of children, and collaborative relationships among parents, families, educators, and school staff are necessary to support the health, wellbeing, and academic success of every student. School staff are encouraged to work closely with parents to meet the needs of their LGTBQ+ students because of the central role that the support of parents and other caregivers plays in a young person’s life.”

Do not double down DoE- apologize, reverse course and fire the offenders

This just goes to show how much of a foothold neo-Marxist ideas have gotten in public education.

Teachers and administrators must get graduate degrees from schools of education, which are the most ideologically captured departments on college campuses.

Not only is Michigan teaching radical nonsense to kids, but state officials are defending the practice even after they got caught.

And Michigan is one state of many to incorporate far-Left gender theory in compulsory education.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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