The walls are closing in on this top Lawless Left “Squad” member

Joe Biden and the Democrats are cruising for a bruising in the midterms.

It could sting the worst of all for them in blue states.

Because this top Lawless Left “Squad” member just heard one word that has the walls closing in on her.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) just appeared at one event and got a reception that left her stunned.

Omar is one of the most radical members of Congress.

She was one of the four far-Left members of “The Squad” that swept into office in 2018.

The Democrat Media Complex has predictably fawned all over her, but her constituents might be growing tired of Omar.

Her district was at the heart of riots that followed the death of convicted criminal George Floyd in 2020.

And politically, she has felt completely safe to spew whatever radical ideas pop into her head because of the far-Left bent of her home district in Minneapolis.

In fact, she has been one of the loudest voices in Congress for the Defund the Police movement that saw the Democrat Party transformed into the lawless, far-Left party it is today.

But she just got a rude awakening when she appeared onstage at a music concert at the Target Center in Minneapolis, and was booed mercilessly.

It wasn’t just a smattering of boos, but prolonged booing.


It could also mark good news for Conservatives running down ballot in blue Minnesota, where Republicans controlled both houses of the state legislature as recently as 2018.

Additionally, despite endless hysteria from the corporate-controlled press about how horrible the Republicans are, the GOP holds a sizable lead in the generic Congressional ballot.

CNN senior data analyst explained, “I would say [Republicans are] looking very good from the historical context. Basically, I took the best Republican positions on the generic congressional ballot at this point in midterm cycles since 1938 — that generic ballot basically is, ‘Would you vote for the generic Republican or generic Democrat in your district?’ And guess what, since 1938, the Republican two-point lead on the generic congressional ballot is the best position for Republicans at this point in any midterm cycle in over 80 years. It beats 2010 when Republicans were up a point. It beats 2014, 2002, 1998, where Democrats led by a point, and in all of those four prior examples that make this list of the top five, look at that, who won a majority? It was the Republicans who won a majority.”

The Republicans maintain a two-point lead despite nonstop fury from the Democrats and their media allies over the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision that overturned Roe v. Wade.

Democrats believed abortion would be a galvanizing issue, but they bought into the misconception that Republicans cannot win on pro-life messaging.

Nationally, the single-issue voters on abortion cancel each other out, and the majority of Americans do not support the ghoulish Democrat position of abortion up until the point of birth; only 19% favor such a radical stance.

Omar’s numerous scandals and the general failure of the Democrat Party have taken every bit of shine off the Minnesota Congresswoman and hopefully off of Democrats in races up and down the ballot this fall.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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