The Supreme Court just put this state’s health department in its place with this ruling

School children have suffered more than many as a result of the COVID fear-mongers’ policies.

Many have been forced to sit inside for eight hours a day wearing masks the whole time.

But the Supreme Court just put this state’s health department in its place with this ruling.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently threw out a statewide mandate for K-12 school buildings and childcare facilities.

The justices didn’t explain their decision, but upheld a ruling by a lower court that Governor Tom Wolf and the state health department acted without legal authorization.

That doesn’t mean the Governor’s office isn’t still throwing its weight around.

“The administration recognizes that many school districts want to ensure a safe and healthy learning environment for students and staff, and we are hopeful they will make appropriate mitigation decisions moving forward,” the Governor’s Press Secretary, Beth Rementer, said.

The lawsuit was filed by Republican lawmakers and parents as well as some school districts and schools.

Now each of Pennsylvania’s 500 school districts will decide whether to force students to wear masks.

While many districts will still require masks, some have been dead set against it since the beginning of the year.

The Pennridge School District took to Facebook in early September to tell parents exactly how they felt about the Governor’s order which they said, “strips local school boards of any latitude to consider amendments to their Health and Safety Plans to adapt the Governor’s Order to particular conditions in the District.”

They also complained that it “potentially imposes personal liability on school board members and administrators if they do not comply.”

Based on Facebook comments on a post announcing the outcome of the court case, it sounds like school board members and administrators ultimately ended up largely ignoring the Governor’s order – which means the recent ruling delivered some serious relief to school leaders who had opened themselves up to lawsuits.

While the so-called “mainstream” media makes it sound like only fringe lunatics question their “health” decrees, it’s clear a lot of parents are fed up with pandemic politics.

Leftist policies including mask mandates are driving plummeting enrollment numbers in blue school districts around the nation.

New York City’s public schools, the nation’s largest school district, lost about 50,000 students (4.5%) while the second largest school district, Los Angeles, lost more than 27,000 (6%) since 2019.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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