The most absurd weapons were found and confiscated on this big city’s subway

Following the race riots of 2020, most big American cities descended into chaos.

Naturally, these Democrat-run cities reacted in the worst way imaginable by drastically defunding their police departments and ceasing the enforcement of most “minor” crimes.

But one city in particular has finally started enforcing the law on their subways again and the weapons they have found are guaranteed to shock you.

When examining how cities reacted to the riots of 2020, it is fair to say that New York City had the most absurd overreaction.

In a backwards attempt to be “woke,” New York demonized the NYPD, completely changed their bail system making it nearly impossible to jail violent criminals, and in general stopped enforcing many of their laws.

The one public service that has withstood the worst of such relaxed law enforcement is the MTA or the subway system.

Lawmakers made it their mission to stop enforcing ticket violations, and every other violation for that matter.

As a result, many people do not bother paying their fare, costing the city and taxpayers millions of dollars.

More concerning, the New York subway is more dangerous than people have seen in years, which is a scary thought.

Fortunately, even leftist politicians in the Big Apple are starting to wake up to this lawlessness.

New York’s new Mayor, Eric Adams, has made it clear that he is willing to stand up to crime.

Well, at least more than his predecessor did, which is not saying much.

Part of his enforcement plan is cleaning up the subways, which really began to take shape just this past week.

Since then, NYPD officers saw six stabbings with screwdrivers and knives and two attacks using hatchets and pipes.

On top of these vicious assaults, NYPD officers reported countless incidents of people jumping the gates to get free rides, people urinating and defecating on the trains, and all sorts of other mayhem.

It is about time somebody stood up and cleaned up New York City.

Ever since radical leftists took over, much of the progress that former Mayor Rudy Giuliani did has been undone.

The time is way past due for New York to start enforcing the laws again.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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