Shocking video from a Democrat-run city will make your blood boil

Major cities are circling the drain.

And politicians don’t seem interested in doing anything about it.

And one shocking video from a Democrat-run city will make your blood boil.

San Francisco is serving as a test case for what happens when politicians implement pro-crime policies.

Crime has run rampant and citizens are paying the price.

Car break-ins have become commonplace in San Francisco and now vandalism is seemingly on the rise.

One infuriating video will show that criminals are simply smashing windows without an attempt to steal anything.

CBS Bay Area reporter Betty Yu shared the following video:

This is the type of low-level crime that festers and leads to a grander culture of lawlessness.

Political scientist James Q. Wilson argued that when people see broken windows, excessive graffiti, and other signs of urban plight, it sends a message to people that crime is essentially permitted in the area.

When petty crimes are not policed, then bigger ones follow.

San Francisco has instead chosen the path of pro-crime policies.

Mayor London Breed talked tough after a spate of robberies of high-end stories.

She blustered, “It is time for the reign of criminals who are destroying our city – it is time for it to come to an end. And it comes to an end when we take the steps to be more aggressive with law enforcement, more aggressive with the changes in our policies, and less tolerant of all the bullsh*t that has destroyed our city.”

Yet the reign of criminals has not ended, not at all.

There is an effort to recall far-left prosecutor Chesa Boudin, who was bankrolled by George Soros.

Even progressives in the city are fed up with Boudin and his feckless approach to public safety.

Boudin tried to shrug off the recall effort by blaming Republicans, explaining that San Francisco is “not dealing with a grass-roots movement. We’re dealing with a small number of wealthy individuals, many of whom are national Republican major donors, who have financial interests in the real estate industry, in the gig economy and in using the police and the criminal-justice system to force aggressive displacement and gentrification so that their real estate investments can go up.”

Boudin’s statement is ironic because if he survives the recall effort, it will be because of wealthy progressive donors on the east coast.

San Franciscans have gotten a taste of “prison reform,” and they don’t like it.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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