Randi Weingarten’s foot soldiers got caught red-handed doing something to parents that will leave you filled with rage

Public sector unions are some of the most corrupt institutions in the country.

They’re particularly bad in the realm of education.

And Randi Weingarten’s foot soldiers got caught red-handed doing something to parents that will leave you filled with rage.

Perhaps the one silver lining of COVID is that parents got to see just how ideologically captured public schools were.

Countless teachers and administrators aren’t just liberals, but fire-breathing radical leftists who want to indoctrinate kids into neo-Marxist ideas like critical race theory and radical gender ideology.

Union goons follow Merrick Garland’s blueprint

And when parents started fighting back against the “woke” indoctrination and the indefinite school closures due to lockdowns, teachers’ unions and school board members went on the offensive.

In fact, members of the California Teachers Association (CTA) conducted opposition research on parental groups that were fighting to get California schools reopened.

Ann Swinburn, a strategic research specialist for CTA, emailed pro-lockdown activists for information on parents.

Swinburn wrote, “I am a researcher with CTA and am currently doing some research into the various ‘reopen’ groups around the state.”

One left-wing activist contacted another and explained that members of the CTA were “looking at uncovering some of the ideological leaning of groups that are funding the reopen lawsuits.”

The activists responded, “We have been collecting information and would be very happy to share/collaborate. May we please include another parent or two who have been monitoring and helping collect this information?”

Unfortunately for them, the activists accidentally cc’d Adam Camacho, then-principal of San Dieguito Academy High School, which left the chain susceptible to a public records request.

As crazy as this move was, it’s expected because the Left’s power comes from a near monopoly on education and media.

The media monopoly has been weakened with the advent of alternative media platforms becoming readily available, which is why Big Tech censorship has become the preferred weapon of the Left.

Now leftists are fighting tooth and nail to maintain their education monopoly.

This isn’t even the first time a leftist got caught collecting oppo research on parents.

In Arizona, the state attorney general urged the DOJ to investigate a school board president who “had in his possession a dossier stored on a Google Drive that contained parents’ and students’ personal information, such as social security numbers, emails and other correspondence with the [Scottsdale Unified School District] Board and perhaps school officials, automobile license plate numbers, photos and videos (Some secretly recorded) of parents and minor students, background checks, divorce proceedings, social media accounts, and parent addresses.”

Jann-Michael Greenburg, the school board president, was removed, but the ideological capture remains.

That’s why AG Merrick Garland sicced the FBI on parents who protested school board meetings.

The Left cannot allow their education monopoly to be threatened in any way.

Without that, their whole indoctrination system falls apart.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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