Pro-abortion terrorists firebombed yet another crisis pregnancy center in this blue state

Following the leaked opinion indicating that an overturning of Roe v. Wade is imminent, the radical Left has gone berserk. 

Instead of fighting this in the courts like civilized people, leftists have resorted to terrorist methods to get what they want. 

And pro-abortion extremists just firebombed yet another crisis pregnancy center in this deep blue state. 

Ever since an opinion from the Supreme Court was disgracefully leaked showing a possible overturning of Roe v. Wade, the Left has become completely unhinged. 

Not only have they spewed disgusting rhetoric about needing access to abortions on demand up to the moment of birth, but many have resorted to terrorist methods to get their point across. 

It began with protests forming outside of the homes of conservative Justices, which is against federal law. 

And then a crazed radical leftist from California flew to Washington, D.C., and attempted to assassinate Justice Brett Kavanaugh. 

Predictably, that assassination attempt was swiftly brushed under the rug by the corporate-controlled media. 

Unfortunately, the terrorist acts by the pro-abortion Left do not stop there. 

Recently, a crisis pregnancy center was firebombed in the town of Gresham, Oregon. 

Crisis pregnancy centers are often used as an alternative to pro-abortion clinics such as Planned Parenthood. 

These centers give women many options such as adoption services, maternal care, counseling, and more so that these women can find ways to cope with their pregnancy that does not involve abortion. 

Such centers have transformed the lives of countless women and their children. 

But the far-left does not see it that way.  

For some horrific reason, some on the Left are resentful of these centers because they believe they deter women from killing their children. 

As a result, these centers have been targets for bombing and vandalism over the years. 

The bombing that occurred in Gresham, Oregon the other day is just one of many. 

Fortunately, the bombing occurred after operating hours so nobody was hurt or killed in the attack. 

Having said that, the office is almost entirely destroyed. 

It is a miracle that people were not killed by this terrorist attack.  

This center often hosts pregnant women and small children, who easily could have become victims. 

The sad thing about attacks like this is that they get next to no coverage in the media. 

If this had been an abortion mill, then it would be a top headline on every news station for weeks. 

The far-left is more violent than ever before, and nobody is prepared to stop them. 

Unless something is done about the rise of far-left extremism in America, then countless innocent lives and businesses will continue to be lost and destroyed. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story. 



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