Parents just won an important battle against one far-left educator

Democrats are getting more extreme and lashing out.

Conservatives and disaffected liberals are finally taking the fight to the radical Left.

And parents just won an important battle against one far-left educator.

Government education is arguably the most important plank of the Democrat Party.

It’s where they indoctrinate students, waste taxpayer dollars, and use union dues to buy political influence.

But the Democrats have gone too far, and parents are getting fed up.

Parents are slowly discovering the radical neo-Marxist garbage their kids are learning, and they’re pushing back.

Loudoun County, Virginia has become ground zero in the clash between the propagandists and the parents.

And a judge recently sided with parents in their efforts to recall an unhinged school board member.

The Daily Wire reports:

“A judge on Tuesday thwarted a far-left prosecutor who likely would have blocked citizens from recalling a Loudoun County school board member, ruling that the process of recalling Beth Barts, who was censured for repeatedly attacking parents, can proceed under a special prosecutor instead.”

For years, school boards have been getting away with infusing leftist propaganda into the curriculum without anyone noticing.

This is one of the tactics that allow the Left to give the appearance of majority support that they don’t truly have.

Barts organized members of an “anti-racist” Facebook group to doxx parents who were pushing back on CRT curriculum and COVID restrictions.

One of the members of the Facebook group was the progressive prosecutor who tried to stop Barts from being recalled.

The Daily Wire continued:

“The Facebook group included several elected officials — including the county’s top elected prosecutor, Buta Biberaj . . . Biberaj did not offer to recuse herself despite the apparent conflict of interest, which included participating in the Facebook group and tweeting a letter to the editor dismissing parents who sought a school board recall as rabble-rousers. Biberaj won election in 2019 by a one percent margin after receiving more than $800,000 in outside help from George Soros.”

Democrats fear their absolute stranglehold on public education could be slipping away, so they sicced the FBI on parents who oppose these radical school diktats.

Attorney General Merrick Garland released a statement laying out how the FBI will be investigating parents who “harass” school board members.

The FBI is itching to find some supposed “MAGA parent” that can be used to discredit the entire anti-woke parent movement.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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