Parents are up in arms over this left-wing city’s terrifying and deceitful tactics

Over the past couple of years, COVID, and the panic that has surrounded COVID has brought out the worst in people.

Public fighting has reached all time highs, and people are acting in deranged selfish ways never thought possible before 2020.

But this one school system in particular has crossed a major line, and parents are absolutely outraged.

When it comes to getting any sort of vaccine, every individual should make health decisions for themselves.

This is especially true when it comes to a vaccine that was rushed through the approval process at record speeds.

And as far as parents are concerned, parents should be aware of every major health decision their child makes. Period.

Could you imagine your kids taking themselves to their pediatrician to get some sort of treatment without you knowing?

Well that is exactly what is happening in school districts in Littleton, Colorado.

In Littleton, the state has established COVID-19 vaccine clinics in public schools with the hopes of increasing the amount of people under 18 who are vaccinated.

The scary part of all of this, is that these children can get vaccinated without parental consent.

Let that sink in for a moment.

If a child wants to participate in a field trip at the local science museum they need a signed permission form from a parent or guardian.

But a vaccine to weaken a disease that already has virtually no chance of killing a child? No permission slip required.

This is absolute madness, folks.

Understandably, parents are absolutely furious.

In response, a Colorado state official has claimed “a parent must appear in person or provide permission for a minor to receive a vaccine in writing or over the phone.”

But a growing number of instances have been reported in which nurses claimed that permission slips were not needed and even encouraged kids to go ahead and get vaccinated.

This sort of deceitful behavior is flat-out disgusting and should result in immediate legal action.

This follows a disturbing trend across the nation of far-left states and localities purposefully excluding parents from making decisions for their children.

Who can forget Terry McAuliffe’s remarks at the Virginia Gubernatorial debate about how he feels that parents should not be involved in the classroom.

And he is considered a moderate by the radical Left.

Fortunately these comments cost McAuliffe the election, but they reflect a prevailing attitude about how schools should be run by the vast majority of leftists.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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