One teacher confessed the despicable thing she’s doing to your kids

Democrats are allowing fringe radicals to lead them to their doom.

They have foolishly activated parents against the Democrat Party.

And one teacher just confessed the despicable thing she’s doing to your kids.

Democrats swore up and down that the neo-Marxist doctrine of Critical Race Theory was not being taught in schools.

The obscure law school theory is not specifically being taught in K-12, but the theory is actually being put into practice in these schools, which is actually worse.

It’s one thing to dispassionately teach an arcane theory – it’s another thing to apply it and drive it into the heads of impressionable young minds.

And that is undoubtedly happening.

For example, a kindergarten teacher in Bellerica, Massachusetts outside of Boston taught five-year-olds about their white privilege.

Brenna Woods, who uses the gender pronouns they/them – a dead giveaway that she is a stone-cold leftist – said on a Zoom meeting, “Last year, I taught remotely, which means all of the parents got to hear my teaching . . . I did a lesson on white privilege, essentially. I talked about how some people are treated differently based on what they look like, and all the parents heard it.”

Perhaps the one silver lining of COVID lockdowns is that parents got a chance to see and hear the radical garbage the teachers were feeding to their kids.

Woods said some parents appreciated her “woke” lecture, but others were not pleased.

She continued, “I received some emails that were like, ‘How dare you treat my white child differently.’ I’m like, ‘Was that hard for you?’” she said mockingly.

Woods’ only concern was developing “talking points” to assuage the frustration coming from parents who are resistant to their children being indoctrinated in CRT and other anti-American concepts.

She added, “So I think some of the things we need are . . . talking points for families because if we’re going to talk to kids about this, this is really hard for parents to hear, especially parents who may unknowingly lead very privileged lives and don’t know how to have that conversation without feeling like they’ve done something wrong.”

Woods and other radicals are pleading for administrators to take their side and shield them from criticisms from parents.

The nation has seen some of these battles play out in school board meetings where parents ripped “woke” teachers and administrators.

Woods concluded, “We need to know that we are going to get support from our administration when we have these challenging conversations, and we as teachers need to not feel the weight of teaching these extremely large concepts and feeling like we don’t have the ability to do so because we don’t know where we can be silenced.”

Public schools are one of the Left’s main sources of power.

They are not going to abandon the battlefield, so parents and concerned citizens must stay engaged in order to beat back the march of the radical leftists.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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