One state strikes again with an insane, heavy-handed regulatory crackdown

Democrats are forcing blue state residents to flee in record numbers.

Blue state refugees are escaping high taxes and burdensome regulations.

Now one state strikes again with an insane, heavy-handed regulatory crackdown.

California might be the worst nanny state in America.

The state is second to last in gun rights, and dead last in regulation.

And California has the highest state taxes.

Recently, as Blue State Blues has previously reported, California banned gas-powered mowers, leaf blowers, and generators, and now the state is tightening restrictions on water usage.

The Los Angeles Times reported that, “In an effort to discourage wasteful water practices such as hosing off driveways or allowing irrigation water to run down streets, California water officials have imposed new drought rules for cities and towns throughout the state. The regulations, adopted Tuesday by the State Water Resources Control Board, prohibit overwatering yards, washing cars without a shutoff nozzle, hosing down sidewalks or watering grass within 48 hours after rainfall. Even after December brought downpours across California and record snow in parts of the Sierra Nevada, state water officials stressed that a drought remains and that efforts to conserve water should continue.”

Meanwhile, California has rampant homelessness and rising crime.

But the state finds it very important to crack down on people watering their lawns.

This is anarcho-tyranny at its worst – criminals largely roam free while law-abiding citizens get the big boot of the government.

The L.A. Times continued, “The new rules also prohibit, among other things, using potable water to irrigate grass on public street medians or landscaped areas between the street and sidewalk; using potable water for street cleaning or construction purposes; and using potable water for decorative fountains or filling artificial lakes or ponds, with some exceptions. The regulations apply statewide and there are no exceptions for golf courses and other recreational facilities . . . Violators could face fines of up to $500.”

This is one of many reasons why California experienced net negative migration out of the state in 2020, and the trend did not reverse in 2021.

Businesses – both big and small – and middle class residents are flocking to red states like Texas, Florida, and Tennessee.

California Democrats enjoy a supermajority in the state legislature, and they believe they can soak the taxpayers forever.

But they are in for a rude awakening because there’s a consequence to productive people leaving in record numbers.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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