One Soros-paid prosecutor could eat these three words he just used to excuse a horrific ambush

Crime is out of hand in America, and now more than ever America’s cities need strong leadership to get a grip on things.

But many urban centers are suffering in the wake of leftist financier George Soros and the Democrats’ mission to destroy communities by installing weak-on-crime prosecutors.

But one Soros-paid prosecutor could eat the words he just used to excuse this one horrific ambush.

Extreme far-Left Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón doubled down on his defense of his pro-crime policies after the deaths of two cops in a horrific ambush.

The notorious DA is doubling down on the pathetic job he is doing in the wake of a double homicide of two police officers.

When it comes to the crime surge enveloping America, the Democrat Party under President Joe Biden and their deep-pocketed leftist sugar daddy George Soros deserve every bit of blame, coming from scared and outraged citizens.

After the death of George Floyd in 2020, Democrat elites jumped at the opportunity to flame leftists’ emotions.

Instead of cracking down on law-breakers as riots ensued across the country, Democrats promoted dangerous, pro-crime policies that made it harder than ever to stop violent criminals and put them in jail where they belong.

A collection of far-Left extremist District Attorneys have overseen this disintegration of society and stood by and watched as their respective communities got destroyed.

The job of a District Attorney is to lead a staff of prosecutors with the ultimate goal of enforcing the laws on the books.

A good District Attorney should do everything in their power to make sure criminals are held accountable to the fullest extent of the law for the damage they are doing to the community.

Unfortunately, many cities have elected District Attorney’s who wish to do the exact opposite.

And the absolute worst District Attorney in the nation is likely George Gascón of Los Angeles.

Ever since taking office, Gascón has allowed violent gangsters and serial murderers to get away with their heinous crimes.

In fact, Gascón has earned a reputation among inmates and gang members for being their hero due to his reluctance to keep them in prison for the atrocities they have committed.

But just recently, George Gascón made his most disgraceful claim to date.

Following a shooting that left two LAPD officers dead, George Gascón claimed “We have an imperfect system and that’s not only here in L.A. It’s everywhere. I know this is frustrating to hear, and it may not help heal the wounds for some. We do not serve our community when we try to pretend that we can predict 100% of the time when these cases are going to … occur.”

It is an imperfect system because he is making it an imperfect system.

The thug who committed this double homicide was on probation for a felony firearm violation, and under normal circumstances would have been behind bars.

Instead, Gascón and his cronies let the career criminal responsible run free and now two police officers are dead.

The truth is, weak District Attorneys like Gascón do not care about dead cops or violence.

All they care about is destroying their communities in a backward attempt to fulfill their messed-up socialist vision for America.

But Gascón at least could soon face the backlash for his pro-crime policies.

Fox News reports the District Attorney is facing a recall effort and the group working to recall him said “it has collected the necessary number of signatures required to put the matter before voters.”

Los Angeles voters could have their chance to boot Gascón from power in November.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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