One shocking murder proves a Democrat-run city is completely out of control

Crime in blue cities is up across the nation.

Democrats are largely ignoring the growing problem.

But one shocking murder proves a Democrat-run city is completely out of control.

Violent crime in Los Angeles has become a serious issue.

The homicide rate jumped a startling 11.8% in 2021, the largest spike in over a decade.

Meanwhile, George Soros-backed prosecutor George Gascón is implementing soft-on-crime policies.

Now a 24-year-old UCLA graduate student named Brianna Kupfer was murdered by a career criminal as she worked at a high-end furniture store in West Los Angeles.

Alleged killer Shawn Laval Smith entered Croft House just before 2:00 p.m. and stabbed Kupfer with no clear motive.

Prior to the stabbing, Kupfer ominously texted a friend that someone in the store made her uncomfortable.

LAPD Lieutenant John Radtke said during a press conference:

“She sent a text to a friend letting her know that there was someone inside the location that was giving her a bad vibe . . . Regrettably, that person did not see the text immediately.”

Smith, who supposedly has a lengthy rap sheet on both the east and west coast, is purportedly homeless.

The homelessness crisis is yet another problem progressives refuse to address, and it feeds into the crime problem.

It is not compassionate to allow people with mental health and substance abuse issues to live in squalor on the street.

Kupfer’s senseless murder is a tragedy that could have been avoided, but soft-on-crime policies and nonchalance toward homelessness set the conditions for her death.

Last year in Los Angeles, there were over 130 reported follow-home robberies from high-end stores.

Even leftists in Beverly Hills began buying firearms.

DA Gascón has a lot to answer for, but he and other Soros lackeys are unfazed by spikes in crime.

Sadly, too many Democrat voters in blue states are not moved, either.

Gascón only won his DA race in Los Angeles after losing the San Francisco DA race to Chesa Boudin, a radical candidate to Gascón’s left.

At some point, Democrats must wake up.


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