One deranged teacher just exposed his students to something insane

Parents across the country have been activated.

They realized their children were being propagandized with nonsense.

And one deranged teacher just exposed his students to something insane.

In 2020, Donald Trump alerted the country about the neo-Marxist scourge known as Critical Race Theory after watching a report with journalist Christopher Rufo, one of the leading voices fighting against the “woke” takeover of education.

But not many knew that CRT was only the tip of the iceberg.

Radical gender ideology is arguably worse because it leads kids toward sexual and gender confusion, which can lead to irreversible damage.

And one teacher in New York gleefully posted on social media about how he was planning on coming out as “nonbinary” to his high school students.

He wrote, “So this is me feeling my best teacher self because I’m wearing panties on a work day for the first time ever and I feel so good! ID: a tall, bearded demiboy with pomaded hair and glasses, wearing a purple and white checked shirt, a gray sweater vest, and a brown tweed jacket with black jeans. I signed up to lead an affinity group of LGBTQIA+ students at my school a while back. The first meeting is this afternoon, and I’m going to be coming out to a bunch of high schoolers as bi and enby [nonbinary]. I’m a bit nervous. Good vibes/encouragement are needed. And welcome.”

A “demiboy” is supposedly a male who doesn’t feel all the way male, whatever that is supposed to mean.

He didn’t stop there.

The teacher in question also posted a picture of himself in a dress on his public profile.

He captioned the photo, “First ever dress! Feels very teachery! Please be kind! ID: a tall, bearded demiboy with dark hair wearing a purple paisley wrap dress making a kiss face and making eyes at the camera.”

The principal at the school has not commented, and the teacher scrubbed his social media accounts.

These are the teachers educating K-12 kids across the country, and it’s not just in deep-blue strongholds.

These radical teachers have dispersed everywhere, even in very red areas.

They have counted on the obliviousness of parents to indoctrinate kids into madness, but the cat is out of the bag.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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