One critical supply shortage proves blue states have become dystopian nightmares

Joe Biden has been terrible on the economy.

And many Democrat-run states are following his lead.

Now one critical supply shortage proves blue states have become dystopian nightmares.

Americans are getting fed up with terrible Democrat policies.

The proof is in the pudding as hundreds of thousands are packing up and fleeing blue states in favor of red states.

U-Haul wrote in a statement, “Migration to southern states continues to be magnified by the lingering pandemic, and no state netted more U-Haul customers during the last year than Texas. The Lone Star State earned bragging rights as the leading growth state of 2021, narrowly besting Florida for top honors, according to transactional data compiled for the annual U-Haul Growth Index.”

The next three growth states in order were Tennessee, South Carolina, and Arizona.

Americans are clearly flocking to red states for lower taxes, thriving commerce, and open schools.

Meanwhile, blue states are doubling down on the policies that are driving people away.

The problem has gotten so bad, California ran out of U-Haul trucks leaving the state.

U-Haul continued in its statement, “California is 50th and Illinois 49th on the list for the second consecutive year, indicating those states once again witnessed the largest net losses of one-way U-Haul trucks . . . California remained the top state for out-migration, but its net loss of U-Haul trucks wasn’t as severe as in 2020. That can be partially attributed to the fact that U-Haul simply ran out of inventory to meet customer demand for outbound equipment.”

The mass exodus from Blue States is also reflected in the wide chasm of directional costs, meaning rentals leaving Blue States are far more expensive than rentals traveling to blue states.
For example, a 10-foot U-Haul truck rental going from Phoenix to Los Angeles costs $189, but in the opposite direction it costs $807.

Some disparities are as big as nine-fold.

People cannot leave blue states fast enough, and they’re willing to pay more up front to do it.

The same goes for other rental agencies.

In addition to residents, businesses are leaving as well.

Charles Schwab, Tesla, and many Silicon Valley companies have fled the Golden State for Texas and Florida.

Hopefully the new red state residents do not bring their terrible policies with them.


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