One crime spree proves this Democrat-run city has surrendered to the criminals

Blue cities are quickly becoming unlivable.

High cost-of-living and rising crime have caused many to take refuge in red states.

And one crime spree proves this Democrat-run city has surrendered to the criminals.

Major cities in California are in a battle to see which one can become the most dystopian.

And Oakland is back in the running after a spate of car thefts.

The problem has gotten so bad, thieves are stripping cars near homeless encampments and leaving them in the middle of the road, blocking traffic.

Pro-crime policies have allowed lawlessness to fester in cities like Oakland.

The problem is twofold: repeat offenders are given free rein to commit multiple crimes, and the lack of enforcement emboldens other criminals to break the law.

Oakland police chief LeRonne Armstrong has been frustrated by the “defund the police” rhetoric coming from Democrats and the media.

After his department lost $18 million in funding, Armstrong let out his frustration in a press conference and said:

“It’s easy to sit in a room and have a discussion as to what public safety looks like . . . It looks much different when you’re out in the community and meeting with the families. It’s much different when you hear families demand a stronger police response to shootings. It’s easier when you don’t talk to senior citizens and hear them tell you that they can’t sleep at night, because of all the shootings.”

Far-left Mayor Libby Schaaf is not helping matters.

She’s been more concerned with tipping off illegal aliens to ICE raids and wasting time on nonexistent hate crimes – Schaaf asked the FBI to look into a “noose” hanging from a tree in a park after she knew the ropes were put there by a black resident who was using them to exercise after gyms had been closed down due to COVID.

In addition to rampant car theft, a news crew was recently robbed in broad daylight in Jack London Square.

Former California Senator Barbara Boxer was also robbed in the same area not long before.

Oakland and other left-wing strongholds are falling apart, and it’s thanks to Democrats’ pro-crime policies.

California had net negative migration out of the state for the first time in history, and led the nation in outflows of residents.

Businesses and citizens are getting out of California as quickly as they can, and crime is a big reason why.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any update to this ongoing story.


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