One authoritarian state just got some bad news about COVID

The COVID regime continues to prolong the pandemic.

Some blue states still have not relaxed virus restrictions.

And one authoritarian state just got some bad news about COVID.

California is currently experiencing a spike in COVID cases.

Governor Gavin Newsom instituted some of the harshest lockdown procedures in the country, and he and the corporate-controlled press boasted about California’s COVID success.

But now California has seen a sharp uptick in cases despite the draconian measures.

Fox News reports:

California’s coronavirus rate is double that of Florida, despite mask mandates and recommendations to prevent the spread of the virus…Cases in California are no longer falling, with the rate increasing to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s red “high” level of virus transmission stemming from the delta variant, the outlet reported. But Southern states such as Texas and Florida – where state leaders do not enforce face mask policies or support other strict mandates – are in the CDC’s orange “substantial” transmission level.

Democrats and the so-called “mainstream” media excoriated Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for a wave of cases during the summer, but now they’re largely quiet as Florida has leveled off.

Much of the data was predictable because COVID appears to be a seasonal illness similar to other coronaviruses.

Studies show that the harsh restrictions have little to no impact on COVID transmission rates.

That’s why many counter-narrative public health officials were pushing for focused protection of the elderly and infirm instead of universal protocols.

That’s what DeSantis did and his COVID results were comparable to California despite having the second oldest population – California has the fifth youngest population.

Fox News continued:

California’s vaccination rate is higher than states such as Texas and Florida, but that still hasn’t stopped the outbreaks. Sixty-two percent of California’s total population is fully vaccinated, while Florida reports 60% and Texas 54%. Gov. Gavin Newsom and other California leaders put some of the most strict coronavirus measures in place last year, which have continued into 2021.

It appears as though the efficacy of the vaccines wears off after around six months, so the vaccine mandates are largely useless unless the goal is to mandate boosters once or twice a year.

The COVID regime isn’t making any sense, and the spike in California proves it.

At some point, the madness must stop because people will have been lied to too many times.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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