New Yorkers are begging for a crackdown on crime while Biden’s administration turns a blind eye

Crime rates in cities across the country are skyrocketing.

Democrats’ cries for defunding police and stricter gun laws have left many cities wondering where everything went so horribly wrong.

Now New Yorkers are begging for a crackdown on crime while Biden’s administration turns a blind eye.

Democrats in unsafe seats across the country have started slowly backing away from the radical “Defund the Police” movement that rocked the nation in the summer 2020.

For many, however, it’s too little too late.

The defunding of law enforcement and push to crackdown on gun ownership has many fearing for their lives as violent crime climbs to a 20-year high.

Kristal Bayron-Nieves was shot and killed over $100 by a former coworker at a Burger King in New York City.

The girl’s mother was irate over Jen Psaki’s attempts to dismiss criticism of Democrats’ pro-crime policies by claiming she didn’t know what they meant.

In response, her civil attorney Sanford Rubenstein had some harsh words for the press secretary. “Ms. Psaki, take your head out of the sand,” he said. “Crime, particularly crimes that involve guns, are a serious problem in this city today and must be addressed.”

One weekend in January brought the deaths of six law enforcement officers at the hands of violent criminals.

In New York City alone, shootings are up 46% in the last 28 days compared to the same time period last year.

The city has also seen a spike in other crimes such as rape, grand larceny, and robbery.

New York isn’t the only city seeing a surge in crime – it’s happening all over the country in blue states that have made radical decisions to defund those who protect them.

Democrats tried to claim that moves to stop prosecuting certain crimes and stripping police departments of money are all in the name of social justice, but they forgot to factor in what these types of moves do to the law-abiding public.

Leftists like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and her “Squad” believe that ignoring law enforcement is the only way to move past “institutional racism,” but all it’s doing is causing more crime.

When police are no longer allowed to do their jobs, it’s only a matter of time before things blow up and they’re blowing up big right now.

There is nothing good or noble about turning a blind eye to criminal activity, it only hurts those people trying to live a safe and law-abiding life.

Of course, those calling for the defunding of police and pushing gun-grabbing legislation all have their own private security, so what do they care about the criminals?

Campaign finance reports show that far-left members of the House all pay private security firms to follow them around.

Once again the hypocrisy on the Democrats side is just oozing out of every pore.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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