New poll shows Californians have soured on something they’ve supported for decades

Californians have what can charitably be called a “unique” set of political leanings, almost as if they live in a completely different world.

The state is so out of sync with the rest of the nation that if its votes were set aside, Donald Trump would have prevailed over Hillary Clinton by over a million popular votes in the 2016 Presidential Election.

Now, one new poll says that Californians have soured on something they’ve supported for decades.

California residents haven’t elected a Republican to statewide office since 2006 but, in a twist, now say they are sick of the high taxes they keep voting for in every statewide election.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the numbers are lopsided, as a new UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies poll found nearly two-thirds of California voters say the state and federal income taxes they pay are too high.

That marks a 10 percent increase compared with a similar statewide poll taken six years ago.

There’s plenty for Democrats in the far-left dominated state to be concerned about with Midterm elections looming as according to the poll, “Concern about taxes is much more common among conservatives than liberals. In the current survey, 83% of Republicans, compared with 54% of Democrats and 66% of nonpartisan voters, said they thought their families paid too much in taxes. The rest mostly said the levy was about right. Almost no one says they should be paying more.”

Even a majority of Democrats and two out of three Independents agree with the vast majority of Republicans that taxation in the Golden State is excessive and that’s encouraging.

The more challenging part is getting more of the state’s residents to connect the dots from A to B, and here a charismatic conservative leader would well-serve the public.

According to the report, “Given a list of major issues facing the state and asked to name two that were most urgent only 15% of voters picked taxes, putting the topic in the middle of the pack. Housing affordability topped the list, cited by 31% of voters, followed by homelessness; crime and public safety; gasoline prices; and climate change and the environment.”

So Californians don’t like taxes but really could use some leadership to help explain how taxes impact other issues that are of paramount concern.

Zoning laws that have been used by politicians for years to limit new construction have led to sky-high housing costs, and the resulting homelessness has led to higher taxes.

Because California has gone soft on crime, Californians are getting a horrible return on investment for all the money they shell out in taxes for police and public safety.

Gas prices are high, in part, because California has the highest gas tax in the nation.

And “green energy” schemes to combat climate change are pricey and pointless unless the Chinese Communists make similar commitments.

Given the marked increase in crime, homelessness, and cost of living many (now former) Californians have already answered the question of whether dealing with incompetent and counterproductive governance was worth the hassle or moving away.

It’s encouraging that Californians may be starting to connect these dots.

Hopefully they’ll soon find out that the way to reverse some of the problems that have plagued this once beautiful state is to stop electing Democrats.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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