National media elites will do anything to keep details of left-wing terrorists’ July 4th rampage quiet

The far-Left has a deep-rooted hatred for America and every it stands for.

That was no more evident than this July 4th, when liberals voiced their frustrations towards one of the only nations in the world that allows them to do so without repercussions.

And national media is staying silent about the details of left-wing terrorists’ July 4th rampage that you likely haven’t heard about.

The Fourth of July has historically been a day to celebrate the birth of America with delicious food, fireworks, and time outdoors with family and friends.

However, for the radical Left, it has become a day to voice resentment for a nation that has given them so much.

That is because many on the far-Left have a deep-rooted, fundamental hatred for America.

This is quite ironic because the United States is one of the very few nations that allow their citizens to openly voice hatred and contempt for their government without punishment.

The truth is, these purple-haired Communists are just bored of life in their parents’ basement and see left-wing terrorism as an exciting way to lash out against political systems they do not understand.

Although July 4th should bring Democrats and Republicans together, the lawless Left’s brown shirts in Portland decided to use it to spin up more planned violence and chaos.

Antifa terrorists in Portland, OR put out the call on Twitter for “direct action” in response to the death of Jayland Walker in Akron, OH.

While most normal people were too busy enjoying their holiday, a group of several dozen rioters assembled in downtown Portland and wreaked havoc on nearby businesses, monuments and families returning from fireworks.

Terrorists were seen “smashing windows, shooting off mortars into the federal building and burning an American flag,” CBS local affiliate KOIN 6 News reported, adding “banks and coffee shops had windows broken by this ‘destructive group,’ police said, along with damaging a Portland school van by breaking windows and tagging it.”

Not only are these actions extremely disgraceful, but they are highly illegal.

While this “direct action” was allegedly over the police-involved shooting that occurred in Ohio several days prior, the rioters just used that as their latest excuse.

If the riots of 2020 are any measure, these rioters care very little about the people who were shot by police, or any of the factors surrounding the case but instead they are interested in causing mayhem, and impressing their fellow purple-haired freak friends.

As Blue State Blues previously reported, Antifa terrorist groups in Portland organized an “ABOLISH SCOTUS” event only days prior for which Portland Police reportedly stood down.

With Police repeatedly retreating or not intervening in these riots going back at least to 2020, it’s no wonder these groups feel emboldened to continue.

Until Portland police are willing to take these acts of terror seriously, then they will only continue to happen and will get worse over time.

Thankfully, nobody was killed in these acts of terror, which is nothing short of a miracle.

Sadly that wasn’t the case in the shootings at a July 4th parade in Illinois, which by most indications seems to be yet another tragedy carried out by the mentally deranged far-Left individual.

Americans must refuse to tolerate the Lawless Left’s violence any longer or else more lives will be lost.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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