Lori Lightfoot is furious after Chicago residents gave her one of the worst days of her tenure

After years of passing and implementing pro-crime policies, most Democrat-controlled parts of America have been overwhelmed with violent crime.

Policies such as defunding the police have proved to be total disasters. Go figure.

But today Lori Lightfoot is furious after Chicago residents gave her one of the worst days of her tenure.

Democrats have turned Chicago into an all-out war zone

At one point, Chicago was a thriving metropolis that served as the economic and cultural capital of the Midwestern United States.

These days, Chicago is an all-out war zone that few dare enter past dusk, even in areas that were once considered to be safe.

The cause of this transformation is not difficult to determine. Years of pro-crime policies passed by radical Democrats like Mayor Lori Lightfoot have made Chicago practically uninhabitable.

Just this past Monday alone, four individuals were shot and killed across the city of Chicago.

The sad thing is, horrific crimes like this have become a part of everyday life in Chicago, and politicians like Lori Lightfoot do not even seem to notice them anymore.

According to Breitbart News, there were a total of 723 homicides in Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago in 2022 alone, which averages out to nearly two murders a day.

And according to the Chicago Sun-Times, 14 people have already been murdered in just the first 9 days of 2023.

That puts Chicago on a pace already well ahead of the least deadly year during Lightfoot’s tenure – 2019 when she didn’t assume office until May.

The 492 murders the Windy City finished that year with — again a year Lightfoot was not in office for nearly half the year — amounted to under one and half murders a day, according to Chicago Police data.

These numbers are horrifying, to say the least, and it proves that crime has gotten out of control in Chicago.

They also prove that crime has risen significantly since the passage of pro-crime policies ever since the race riots of 2020.

Despite these damning statistics, Lori Lightfoot and her political allies refuse to take an ounce of responsibility, often claiming that the surge in crime is nothing more than a Republican talking point.

The exact opposite is true, and it is painfully obvious that Democrats like Lori Lightfoot are almost entirely to blame for the recent surge in crime.

Police must be given the resources they need to combat violent crime

If the city of Chicago ever hopes to get a grip on its crime problem, then police officers must be given the resources they need to prevent these homicides.

Unfortunately, extremist politicians in Springfield have no plans on doing this anytime soon.

To make matters worse, the so-called SAFE-T Act just took effect this year, which basically makes it impossible for police to arrest criminals for drug crimes unless there is gun violence involved among other disastrous provisions.

The SAFE-T Act is loaded with pro-crime policies, but fortunately, a provision that implemented cashless bail was halted before taking effect.

Nonetheless, Chicago and the entire state of Illinois are barreling down a bad path, and their crime problem will only get worse from here on out if they hang on to politicians like Lori Lightfoot.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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