Lori Lightfoot is fuming after a Chicago Democrat released a massive truth bomb on her to Fox News

One thing that can’t be said of Democrats is that they are sloppy when it comes to their message.

They may be wrong on the issues but since there is so seldom much dissent within their ranks, all hell breaks loose when someone wanders off the reservation.

So Lori Lightfoot is fuming thanks to the massive truth bomb another Chicago Democrat just released on Fox News.

A Chicago mayoral candidate finally admitted the truth about his Party’s crime policy

2021 was the deadliest year out of the last 25 in Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago.

Chicago Police Department data indicates that there were 797 homicides and 3,591 shooting incidents in the city last year.

One Chicago Democrat is calling out his own party for the fact that his city has turned into a cesspool.

On Fox News Channel’s “America Reports,” Chicago Alderman and mayoral candidate Raymond Lopez said, “Democrats, by and large, have espoused this mentality that enabling and coddling criminals is how we get elected. As a Democrat, I fully reject that notion because that’s not what works.”

He continued, saying, “We have to know who our real heroes are, and those are the brave men and women that put on that uniform and badge every day to keep our communities safe. They are the ones who are keeping our society together at a time when so many politicians and community leaders are making excuses for those individuals who think that they can quite literally act with impunity in cities like Chicago. We will bring that to an end, and the moment that we start showing consequence for the behaviors you have just shown your viewers, things will change in the city of Chicago, and I believe, throughout this country.”

But this isn’t just a one-off.

Lopez told Local TV channel ABC-7 in a separate interview, “What’s driving the crime in the city of Chicago is there’s zero accountability for criminals, for their actions and for what they think is their right to do as they please in a city of laws, a city of good-hearted people. We have a criminal justice system that is inept, and unable to prosecute those individuals behind bars where they belong, all the while good people in the city of Chicago are fearful and under siege. Police officers are not able to do their jobs. They’re not allowed to chase criminals on foot. They’re not allowed to chase criminals in their vehicles. All of these backward policies have a very real impact not only on emboldening criminals but on eroding the legitimacy of law enforcement in the city of Chicago.”

That’s quite an indictment of the current lay of the land in a completely Democrat-dominated city, and it’s encouraging and even refreshing to see a Democrat willing to honestly assess the problem and talk about genuine solutions.

Lawless Left doesn’t want to confront their past or the thugs

One wonders whether, if elected, Lopez would be singing the same tune.

Recall that last November, New York City Mayor Eric Adams was elected on a similar law and order platform, only to see crime rates in his city continue to rise due either to his deemphasizing these issues or his inability to sway other Democrats in the Big Apple, or both.

Meanwhile, nearly every Democrat in Congress outside maybe the Squad are bending over backwards to pretend they haven’t pushed the Defund The Police movement.

Still, that law and order is front and center in the campaign is a welcome sign and hopefully points to a more serious consideration of the issue than we’ve seen in recent years, both in Chicago and nationally.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.



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