Leftists in Virginia are freaking out as the upcoming election is slipping from their grasp

Virginia has been a blueprint for the Left’s takeover of the United States.

But polls are starting to show that Republicans have a serious chance to take back the state of great Americans like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison.

And now leftists in Virginia are freaking out as the upcoming election is slipping from their grasp.

Virginia used to be a very conservative state.

Even though Democrats have won Virginia in the past, they usually were moderates.

But a lot has changed in Virginia since the beginning of the Obama administration.

To put it into perspective just how much Virginia has changed, the last Republican to win a statewide election was Governor Bob McDonnell back in 2009.

And since 2009, Republicans have lost every single statewide election.

Just last year, Biden “beat” Trump in Virginia by ten points.

But things are looking up for Republicans.

Former Governor and devout Clinton butt-kisser Terry McAuliffe is running against political newcomer Glenn Youngkin.

And polls are showing a razor tight race.

Even the latest polls from leftists pollsters like Monmouth show a tied race.

What’s a worse sign than the polls for Democrats is that the enthusiasm level for McAuliffe is lower than the average funeral.

He had the First Lady Jill Biden out recently and couldn’t even get one hundred people to show up to his rally.

That’s a sharp contrast compared to Republican Glenn Youngkin who has overflow crowds in the parking lots of his rallies.

But it doesn’t help Democrats in Virginia when Terry McAuliffe says the quiet part out loud and demands that parents have absolutely no say in their children’s education.

And Terry McAuliffe is so fed up about getting asked questions about parents’ rights in their child’s education and crime in Virginia that he literally walks off the set of interviews and mocks the interviewer live on air claiming he should ask questions Virginians care about.

So just know Virginians, you get what you vote for.

And if Terry McAuliffe wins, you won’t have a say at all in your kids’ education, he will probably mandate a vaccine for your kids, and get ready for skyrocketing crime since Terry could care less about murders too.


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