Leftists are secretly forcing children to do one thing in classrooms that has parents outraged

Leftist indoctrination in K-12 is worse than anyone imagined.

Many parents discovered what their kids were learning due to COVID-enforced distance learning.

Now leftists are secretly forcing children to do one thing in classrooms that has parents outraged.

The establishment attacked Donald Trump so furiously because he exposed just how deep the institutional rot had become.

One of the dire issues Trump exposed was the radicalism occurring in K-12 education.

Trump witnessed a report from journalist Christopher Rufo on the neo-Marxist doctrine of critical race theory (CRT), and immediately spotlighted it.

Since then, Americans have seen the extent to which Democrats are pushing CRT while simultaneously arguing that it is not being taught in schools.

And the center-right town of Newberg, Oregon is being forced to adopt CRT and other leftist principles imposed by progressives both inside and outside the state.

The conservative-leaning school board in Newberg attempted to ban political flags, but far-left teachers and administrators have simply ignored the board.


Robyn Wheatly, a parent with two children in Newburg Public Schools said, “I’ve emailed so many different teachers. And they literally ignore me every time.”

Leftists believe they have full autonomy over public education.

Virginia has become a flashpoint in the fight over radicalism in public schools, and failed gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe made a huge mistake when he said parents shouldn’t play a role in their kids’ education.

But McAuliffe was simply saying what other leftists believe.

The right-leaning school board is under constant pressure from outside forces.

The Daily Wire reported that “teachers unions are seeking to remove the board members from office, as well as suing them. Outside cash from Hollywood celebrities has bankrolled a recall effort . . .”

Republicans only recently woke up to the battleground known as government education.

Democrats have had their ground game in place for decades.

The teachers unions are entirely beholden to the Democrat Party and vice versa, so Republicans and fed-up liberals have a tall task ahead of them.

The first step is analyzing the problem, and Trump showed that government education is a behemoth that will not easily be defeated.

Michelle Walker, another Newberg resident, detailed the full scope of the problem in a statement to The Daily Wire.

Walker said, “It’s a very woke administration . . . The town of Newberg does not know how this happened. It was just this infiltration of sorts. The administration is standing against their own policy.”

That is precisely what leftists do.

They burrow into institutions and hollow them out.


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