Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas turns heads after giving a warning about one Democrat stronghold


Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is high on the Left’s target list.

He and his wife Ginni have been hounded relentlessly.

And Thomas gave a warning about one Democrat stronghold.

Democrats and their media allies have unleashed hell on Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and his wife.

They have been the targets of unending vitriol.

The Left have called for Justice Thomas to be impeached, and his wife to be investigated.

Left-wing news outlets have also commissioned countless hit pieces against him.

But Thomas has no problem standing up to the Left.

Washington, D.C. bullies

And during a recent judicial conference, Thomas called out the Democrat hellscape of Washington, D.C.

Justice Thomas called the District a “hideous place” filled with “nastiness and the lies.”

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh got his own taste of that when he was hounded out of Morton’s Steakhouse by communist terrorists in light of the Dobbs decision.

Thomas continued, “But you have some choices. You don’t get to prevent people from doing horrible things or saying horrible things. But one you have to understand and accept the fact that they can’t change you unless you permit that.”

That is why Thomas has arguably been the best justice during his 30-year tenure.

He is not afraid to stand up to the Left, and he does not buckle under public pressure.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of Chief Justice John Roberts, who has routinely sided with the liberals on landmark cases after media pressure campaigns from the Democrat-controlled media.

Thomas added that he is surrounded by people in Washington, D.C. who want to “bomb your reputation” and “pride themselves on being awful.”

However, Thomas and his wife have been able to find solace outside of the District.

They are known to be RV enthusiasts who travel around the country in a camper.

Thomas said, “You get to be around regular people who don’t pride themselves in doing harmful things, merely because they have the capacity to do it or because they disagree.”

Fellow conservative Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito has also raised concerns about a far-left surge in the country.

Freedom on trial

During a talk at Catholic University, Alito said that free speech was “dangerously declining.”

It is quite common among elite left-wing thought to question free speech as an outdated principle.

Alito added that “freedom of religion is also imperiled.”

There are numerous examples of that as the “woke” Left is on a mission to secularize American society.

Alito continued, “Right now, in the world outside this beautiful campus, troubled waters are slamming against some of our most fundamental principles. . .It will be up to you to stand firm.” 

Wokeism has become the Left’s religion, which means that they can attempt to stamp out Christianity on the notion of separating church and state, but wokeism operates like any other religion.

Wokeism has original sin, saints, rituals, et cetera.

But adherents of wokeism see themselves as secular.

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Court forced parents to do something that will leave you red with rage


Parental rights are under assault.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis got raked over the coals by the Left for supporting parents.

And one court forced parents to do something that will leave you red with rage.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis caught flak from the Democrat-controlled media for supporting the Parental Rights in Education bill, which was slammed by the Left as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

The law prohibited public school employees from engaging in classroom discussions about sexuality and gender identity in grades K-3; it was later expanded to more grades.

The law was so reasonable, that even a majority of Democrats in Florida supported the legislation.

Meanwhile, the press tried to tell people that no such curriculum was being taught in schools.

But that was always a lie.

Now a court ruled that parents in Maryland do not have the right to opt- out of their K-5 children from the LGBTQ curriculum.

The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled 2-1, affirming a lower court’s decision to block parents in Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) from opting out.

The parents—primarily a coalition of Christians, Jews, and Muslims—argued that the curriculum interfered with their ability to teach their own children their respective faiths regarding “what it means to be male and female; the institution of marriage; human sexuality; and related themes.”

Some of the books foisted on the children were “The Pride Puppy,” “Uncle Bobby’s Wedding,” and “Born Ready: The True Story of a Boy Named Penelope.”

The court ruled that parents having limited say in what their kids learn is “part of the compromise parents make when choosing to send their children to public schools.”

For any parents considering homeschooling or private schools, that line from the court might push them over the edge.

U.S. Circuit Judge G. Steven Agee, a George W. Bush appointee, ruled, “We take no view on whether the Parents will be able to present evidence sufficient to support any of their various theories once they have the opportunity to develop a record as to the circumstances surrounding the Board’s decision and how the challenged texts are actually being used in schools. . .At this early stage, however, given the Parents’ broad claims, the very high burden required to obtain a preliminary injunction, and the scant record before us, we are constrained to affirm the district court’s order denying a preliminary injunction.”

U.S. Circuit Judge A. Marvin Quattlebaum, Jr., a Donald Trump appointed, was the dissenting voice.

Quattlebaum wrote, “The parents have shown the board’s decision to deny religious opt-outs burdened these parents’ right to exercise their religion and direct the religious upbringing of their children by putting them to the choice of either compromising their religious beliefs or foregoing a public education for their children.”

Eric Baxter, Vice President & Senior Counsel at the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, the group representing the parents, told reporters, “They involve issues around sexuality that are simply too mature for such young children.”

The Left believes that no age is too young to expose children to sexuality.

Baxter added, “The court just told thousands of Maryland parents they have no say in what their children are taught in public schools. . .That runs contrary to the First Amendment, Maryland law, the School Board’s own policies, and basic human decency.”

Leftists believe that they have a right to control other people’s children.

There’s a reason why homeschooling has reached an all-time high.

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Law enforcement officers are picking their jaws off the floor after this insane car theft ensues


Car theft has exploded all across the country, with some urban areas reporting record levels of grand theft auto and other related crimes. 

Criminals have found new and creative ways to break into and steal cars, causing insurance rates to skyrocket. 

But, law enforcement officers are picking their jaws off of the floor after this insane car theft ensues. 

A Los Angeles man may have just committed the most shocking car theft of the year  

Roughly four years ago, many parts of America exploded in violence following the death of George Floyd. 

Crime continues to rage on, with some parts of the country witnessing record crime rates especially pertaining to theft and auto theft.

However, this shocking automobile theft in Los Angeles defies all sense and logic. 

According to officials at the Los Angeles Police Department, at about 3:30 am last Sunday morning, a man stole a parked LAPD squad vehicle. 

Even more shocking, an LAPD officer was in the vehicle as the suspect drove off. 

The theft occurred on 12th Street near the famous “graffiti towers” in Downtown Los Angeles. 

As the suspect drove off, a struggle ensued in the vehicle as the officer attempted to regain control of her squad car. 

At some point, the officer ejected from the vehicle, landing on the hard pavement. 

The suspect then drove off at high rates of speed before crashing into multiple cars, electric scooters, and a bike rack. 

He then abandoned the vehicle a few blocks away from where he stole the squad vehicle. 

Fortunately, the officer involved only suffered minor injuries, and her hospitalization status is currently stable. 

In regards to the suspect, authorities quickly apprehended him after he abandoned the vehicle at Eighth and Figueroa streets. 

Authorities have not yet released any details on what charges he may face moving forward. 

Los Angeles has seen a major uptick in crime in recent years, especially following the death of George Floyd in 2020. 

Following the outbreak of riots across the city, officials caved to the demands of rioters, completely upending the city’s criminal justice system. 

With the help of “woke” District Attorney George Gascón, criminals often face little to no punishment for committing crimes. 

In many cases, the legal justice system puts career criminals right back on the street within hours of them committing horrible crimes. 

America’s crime problem has boiled over, putting the lives of innocent people at risk 

As exemplified in this horrific car theft in Los Angeles, America’s problem has gotten out of hand. 

Many criminals feel more emboldened than ever to commit crimes, knowing that most judges will throw them right back on the street. 

If cities like Los Angeles and New York City do not act fast, then these urban areas may never be able to get a grip on their crime problems. 

Law-abiding citizens often fear leaving their homes in these places, forcing many to choose whether they can live there anymore. 

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This disturbing teen trend almost took the life of another young New Yorker


Making mistakes and learning from those mistakes is a crucial part of growing up. 

However, the chances of young people making very costly or deadly mistakes have increased exponentially with the creation of the internet. 

And this disturbing teen trend almost took the life of another young New Yorker. 

Another New York teen nearly died after participating in this viral trend 

Young people have always participated in odd and confusing trends. 

Having said that, some of these trends have taken a disturbing and dangerous turn in recent years. 

Many young people spend massive amounts of time glued to their iPads, learning these trends from TikTok and other social media platforms. 

You might remember the Tide Pod challenge, where young people were dared to eat Tide Pods, which can be lethal. 

Subway surfing has also become a viral trend in urban parts of America, where young people jump on top of moving subway trains riding them like a surfboard. 

Just last Friday a 14-year-old nearly died after attempting to “subway surf” in Queens according to the New York Police Department.

The incident happened at around 10:30 am on the northbound number 7 train as it pulled into the 103rd Street–Corona Plaza station in the Queens neighborhood of Corona. 

According to authorities, the 14-year-old fell off the train, narrowly escaping death. 

Authorities found the young person still conscious, lying on the tracks as they arrived. 

First responders quickly took the boy to a Harlem Hospital, where he received minimal treatment. 

Last year, the Metro Transit Authority (MTA), New York City officials, and New York state officials launched an anti-subway surfing campaign called “Subway Surfing Kills – Ride Inside, Stay Alive.”

New York Governor Kathy Hochul addressed this initiative, claiming unironically, “The safety of New Yorkers is my top priority.” 

“Through this innovative partnership, young New Yorkers will hear directly from their teachers and peers about the extreme danger of subway surfing, saving lives and preventing more tragedies. New York will continue to do everything we can to keep our young people safe on the subways,” Hochul added.

According to MTA and New York City officials, this trend typically picks up during summer months due to warmer weather and the fact that many children roam the streets of New York City unsupervised.    

Parents ought to start taking the safety of their children seriously 

In many large cities like New York City and Chicago, young people often roam the streets unsupervised in large numbers. 

Parents do not seem interested in parenting their children, allowing them to participate in dangerous trends such as subway surfing. 

Although it can be easy to say “kids will be kids”, trends like subway surfing kill children regularly and also put the lives of first responders and transit workers at risk. 

At the end of the day, parents must start doing their jobs as parents so that these sorts of behaviors become a thing of the past. 

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Shocking bridge collapse has folks scratching their heads and asking questions in search of answers


Corporate-controlled media outlets try to control the narrative.

But some stories are impossible to contain.

And people are beginning to ask questions about one shocking bridge collapse.

The Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse in Baltimore, Maryland shocked everyone who watched the video.

Instantly, the media narrative was that the ship lost power and it was an open-and-shut case.

Nothing to see here

The Biden administration immediately said that federal funds would be allocated to rebuild the bridge, and insurer Chubb said that it would pay $350 million for the collapse.

All of this was without an investigation.

Meanwhile, residents in Maui are still fighting to get funds nearly one year later after fires scorched the island.

However, the FBI is still conducting an investigation despite the media’s quick rush to judgment, and the 21 crewmembers have not been allowed to leave the ship.

The men were initially trapped, but a controlled explosion was used to free them.

But they still cannot leave.

BBC News reported that “[t]he crew, made up of 20 Indians and a Sri Lankan national, has been unable to disembark because of visa restrictions, a lack of required shore passes and parallel ongoing investigations by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and FBI.”

That raised some alarms considering the Biden administration has allowed untold millions of illegal aliens to enter the country and move about freely.

Yet these crewmembers have not been allowed to leave a ship.

But the story gets weirder from there.

Zero contact with the outside world

BBC News added that “the crew has been left largely without communication with the outside world for ‘a couple of weeks’ after their mobile phones were confiscated by the FBI as part of the investigation.”

Even though the matter is still under investigation, the federal government and the insurance company were quick to pay up, and the Democrat-controlled press wanted the story wrapped up in a bow.

Joshua Messick, executive director of the Baltimore International Seafarers’ Center, told reporters, “They can’t do any online banking. They can’t pay their bills at home. They don’t have any of their data or anyone’s contact information, so they’re really isolated right now.”

But when illegal aliens beat up cops in New York City, they are allowed to flip off reporters and flee the state.

Messick added, “They just can’t reach out to the folks they need to, or even look at pictures of their children before they go to sleep. It’s really a sad situation.”

In the immediate aftermath of the crash, Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott went on MSNBC and tried to turn the incident into a racial division issue.

Scott told host Joy Reid, “We’ve been the bogeyman for them since the first day they brought us to this country, and what they mean by DEI in my opinion is ‘duly elected incumbent.’ We know what they want to say, but they don’t have the courage to say the N-word, and the fact that I don’t believe in their untruthful and wrong ideology. And I am very proud of my heritage and who I am and where I come from, scares them, because me being at my position means that their way of thinking, their way of life of being comfortable while everyone else suffers is going to be at risk, and they should be afraid because that’s my purpose in life.”

While Scott and Reid misdirect, the actual story of the crash gets stranger.

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New Yorkers just trolled Biden in Times Square for his ridiculous inflation claims


Politicians win elections when they add wavering skeptics to their own solid base of support.

When your own political base starts to get shaky, that portends a loss, and we’re seeing signs of that with the president.

Now New Yorkers just trolled Biden in Times Square for his ridiculous inflation claims.

The Empire State really should be a cakewalk for President Biden.

The last time the state voted for a Republican Presidential candidate was forty years ago amid Ronald Reagan’s national landslide in 1984.

But now there are signs that New York is no longer wild about Joe.

How low can Joe go?

Biden won in New York by 23 percentage points but recent polling shows that his current lead in the state is now roughly half of that margin and falling.

His campaign events are poorly attended and he isn’t even venturing onto college campuses, likely out of fear of an embarrassing spectacle from far-left pro-Hamas students.

Amid Biden’s disastrous presidency, one of the most unfortunate and far-reaching problems plaguing Americans has been inflation, which has been worse than at any time since the early 1980s.

When Biden assumed the Presidency the inflation rate was only 1-1/2%, but because of reckless spending and other mismanagement, within a year that rate skyrocketed to 9%.

But it’s 2024 and a Democrat is in trouble for reelection so for some, facts don’t matter.

In a recent television interview, Biden lied and claimed that the inflation rate was 9% when he became President.

Even the far-left Washington Post couldn’t spin such an easily disproved assertion and gave Biden “four Pinocchios” for his ridiculous claim.

Now, even in iconic Times Square, he’s getting called out for it.

In deep-blue Manhattan, for all to see, a giant billboard has been erected that mocks Biden’s false statement that inflation “was at 9 percent when I came into office.” 

The billboard features Biden’s trademark style reminiscent of an angry old man yelling at a cloud, saying, “Hey pal. How many more times do we need to hear this malarkey?! Do you think we’re stupid or something?”


The billboard was conceived by the Jobs Creators Network (JCN).

Billboard creator: “Biden continues to try to rewrite history in an attempt to deflect blame”

It is intended to remind Americans of Biden’s mismanagement and not owning up to the problems that have occurred on his watch.

Job Creators Network CEO Alfredo Ortiz told Townhall, “Consumer prices have soared by 20 percent on President Biden’s watch, leaving small businesses and American families in difficult financial straits. Biden continues to try to rewrite history in an attempt to deflect blame and bolster support ahead of the November election. When Biden took office, inflation was at 1.4 percent, not 9 percent as he recently claimed. Does the White House think we’re stupid or something?”

There are other signs that New Yorkers may be getting wise to the Biden administration’s lies.

Democrats did better than expected in the 2022 midterm elections but they were absolutely shellacked in New York, losing multiple congressional seats within an hour’s drive of the Big Apple.

In November, Biden may find that if he can’t make it here, he can’t make it anywhere.

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New York’s BLM founder was just arrested after this dopey taunt to a cop on video


First it was a movement, then it became a business and now it’s nothing but a racket.

But the jig is up and the leaders are gradually being exposed for the grifters they are.

Now New York’s BLM founder was just arrested after this dopey taunt to a cop on video.

A dramatic scene unfolded Tuesday at a Bronx criminal court.

The hearing was for NYPD Sgt. Erik Duran.

Duran was charged with second-degree manslaughter in the August 2023 death of drug suspect Eric Duprey.

Duprey was fleeing a drug bust in the Bronx on a scooter when Duran reportedly threw a cooler at him, causing him to crash after he was struck in the head.

Duran pleaded not guilty.

Dozens of police officers were in attendance at the courtroom for Duran’s hearing.

Also in attendance was Hank Newsome, a New York Black Lives Matter founder.

Newsome showed up with a chip on his shoulder.

He was seen talking with Duprey’s relatives in the wake of the hearing with other activists.

Newsome claimed that the situation then went south when a New York State Court officer, who he identified as a cop, came over to the group and said, “You got to move.”

BLM activist known for losing his cool loses his cool

Captured on video, Newsome could be seen saying to the officer, “You think I’m scared of you? I’ll beat the s**t out of you. You must be out of your f**king mind! You see how I’m all up on you? You a vagina…f**king vagina.”

The officer looked less than impressed at the entire spectacle.


For his disorderly conduct, Newsome got three summonses.

In an Instagram video he said, “So I had words with him to defend the family. You’re not going to re-traumatize them. They got excited. They arrested me. I’m not going to sit here and try and not say I wasn’t vocal. Yes, I was vocal. I care a lot. A man was smashed in the head with a cooler and killed.”

Councilwoman: “It is beyond absurd that our police have to put up with this”

But Councilwoman Vickie Paladino was outraged.

She said, “If you are within reach of an officer’s firearm and behaving in an unambiguously hostile and threatening manner like this, you should be tased at the very least. It is beyond absurd that our police have to put up with this. Showing even an ounce of deference to this kind of abject hostility only invites more, and makes the job that much more dangerous.”

This was hardly the first time that Newsome lost his cool.

In 2021, Eric Adams promised to bring back plainclothes anti-crime cops to battle New York’s surge in violent crimes.

In response, Newsome said, “If they think they are going back to the old ways of policing then we’re going to take to the streets again. To ignore that history and say you’re bringing it back means that he’s tone deaf.”



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A post shared by Alfred Martinez (@dee_ifl)

The New York Post reports that last year, for the second year in a row, overall crime rose in New York and was driven by a historic surge in assaults, which neared 28,000 for the first time in the city’s publicly recorded history.

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“Rape dungeon on wheels” described the jaw-dropping arrest of one illegal alien in this state


Illegal immigration has become a major problem in this country.

Things have gotten markedly worse since Joe Biden assumed the presidency and decided to simply not enforce immigration and border laws.

Now, a Los Angeles sheriff just arrested an illegal alien accused of this heinous action with several victims. 

It all started with a horrific story relayed by a scared woman.

She told Fox 11 in Los Angeles that she escaped from what is being called a “rape dungeon on wheels” in a secluded area of the San Gabriel Mountains.

An investigation eventually led LA County Sheriff’s Department to apprehend a man called Eduardo Sarabia.

Sarabia is an illegal alien from Mexico.

At 40 years of age, he stands 5’4″ tall and weighs 160 pounds.

He was arrested as deputies allegedly caught him in the act and authorities say they’re looking for more victims.

Police say two separate assaults occurred on May 12th and May 13th.

According to Fox 11, the vehicle Sarabia is accused of using to commit these crimes was a “rape dungeon on wheels.” 

Illegal alien caught in a vehicle “disgustingly outfitted for rape” 

That outlet reports that the vehicle was “disgustingly outfitted for rape.” 

The 2015 Ford Transit is intended for use as a cargo van, not to carry passengers, and has no windows in the rear compartment.

It is now in deputy custody under 24-hour surveillance.

Sarabia was arrested on May 13th and charged with forcible rape and forcible oral copulation. 

If he is convicted, he could face life in state prison.

Far-left District Attorney Gascón said in a statement, “As District Attorney, it is my solemn duty to pursue justice for victims of violent crimes, especially those involving sexual assault.”

The statement continued, “The horrific and violent sexual assault that these two survivors endured by the alleged suspect is deeply troubling and incomprehensible. Our thoughts are with the victims during this tremendously difficult time. Thank you to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for their swift investigation to present this case to our office. I want to emphasize that this is an ongoing investigation, and there may be additional victims who have yet to come forward. I urge anyone who has been affected by similar incidents to contact law enforcement and seek available resources.”

Nearby residents are disgusted at the nature of the crimes, but happy that an arrest has been made.

Anna Dueñas, a Duarte resident, said, “It’s scary. It’s not safe, you know I have kids and it worries me. It’s really scary and I’m glad he’s been caught. I’m glad that it’s over with him.”

Resident: “It’s terrible that we can’t even be safe on the streets”

Rita Miller also lives nearby and said, “I think it’s terrible that we can’t even be safe on the streets. It’s hard to believe the way things are today and the way they used to be. You can’t even be on public transportation with two people being stabbed. It’s scary.”

Incidents like these are increasing in frequency as illegal immigration to the United States remains at near-record high levels.

Sarabia was charged and arraigned last week, and is being held without bail. 

He is due back in court in June.

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Gavin Newsom could find himself in court over one idiotic regulation


Gavin Newsom is in the running for worst governor in America.

He is causing Californians to flee the state in droves.

And Newsom could find himself in court over one idiotic regulation.

California Governor Gavin Newsom is fully on board with the radical “green” agenda.

He has implemented several policies that have raised the cost of energy for residents and businesses across the state.

But his extreme climate interventions could be coming back to haunt him.

Seventeen red states are challenging California’s ban on the sale of new diesel trucks by the year 2036.

Red states vs. California

The red-state coalition, led by Nebraska, argued in a lawsuit, “In a stunning gambit that both violates the constitution and threatens our nation’s economic security, an agency of the State of California has attempted to override federal law and arrogate to itself the power to ban internal-combustion engines in medium- and heavy-duty vehicles.”

Not only does Newsom’s regulation set a terrible precedent, it will have a ripple effect throughout the American economy.

The lawsuit continued, “This attempted ban contravenes controlling law while defying real-world reality and burdening American families and businesses, already suffering from high inflation, with even more costs.”

Newsom and the international Left have drafted outrageous emission goals that would cripple the industrial economy.

“Green” activists have outlined net zero—and even absolute zero—emission targets within the next couple of decades, which is absurd.

The other states included in the lawsuit were “Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Utah, West Virginia, and Wyoming.”

Arizona has a Democrat governor, but the Arizona State Legislature joined the lawsuit.

EPA getting sued

Nebraska Attorney General Mike Hilgers also announced a suit against the EPA for emissions standards targeting heavy-duty trucks.

Hilgers said in a statement, “California and an unaccountable EPA are trying to transform our national trucking industry and supply chain infrastructure. This effort — coming at a time of heightened inflation and with an already-strained electrical grid — will devastate the trucking and logistics industry, raise prices for customers, and impact untold number of jobs across Nebraska and the country.”

Governor Newsom recently had to explain how the state blew a $100 million budget surplus, and he blamed climate change.

Newsom told a reporter, “What we didn’t anticipate is these rain bombs in December, January, February, and March. These atmospheric rivers that led to a federal declaration—that led to FEMA and the IRS moving in a direction where we couldn’t collect our taxes until I believe November 16. . .as opposed to April 15.”

If “rain bombs” led to a budget deficit, imagine the waste, fraud, and abuse that will come with all of the “green” boondoggles that will be subsidized by California tax dollars.

Newsom added, “If there was any indication that climate change has impacts well beyond those that are often promoted, I would consider our financial delays as just another example of why we need to tackle them.”

“Climate change” has become a catch-all for the Democrats’ graft.

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Eric Adams’ latest illegal immigrant proposal has many New Yorkers scratching their heads

Thousands of illegal aliens flood across America’s southern border with Mexico every day. 

These illegal aliens often find themselves in American cities, creating serious problems for these urban centers. 

And Eric Adams’ latest migrant proposal has many New Yorkers dumbfounded. 

New Yorkers were not expecting this remark from Mayor Eric Adams 

Although the corporate media has shifted its focus to campus protests and the Trump trials, America’s southern border with Mexico remains as open as ever. 

Every day thousands of illegal aliens pour across the border, often without any money or advanced skills. 

In many cases, these newly arrived illegal aliens disperse to American cities, causing havoc and chaos wherever they end up. 

New York City for example is in the midst of a major migrant crisis, with migrant camps popping up all over the city. 

Lawmakers in the Big Apple have no clue what to do with all of these illegal aliens, given that they rarely have any identification and often speak little to no English. 

Last Tuesday, New York City Mayor Eric Adams addressed these challenges, proposing that migrants could work for the city in some way or another. 

Adams said, “How do we have a large body of people that are in our city, our country, that are excellent swimmers and at the same time we need lifeguards — and the only obstacle is that we won’t give them the right to work to become a lifeguard.”

These claims seem to reference the fact that many illegal aliens must cross the Rio Grande River, which divides Mexico from Texas. 

But, Mayor Eric Adams did not stop with that bizarre proposal. 

He added, “If we had a plan that said, ‘If there was a shortage of food service workers and those who fit that criteria, we’re going to expedite you,’ if you have experience that you are a nurse and we have nursing shortage, we would expedite you.” 

“It’s the same for lifeguards. We have all these eligible people waiting to work, with the skills we need to do the jobs, but we are unable to allow them to work because bureaucracy is in the way,” the New York City mayor went on to claim. 

Eric Adams has echoed these claims in the past, blaming the federal government for not acting faster as it pertains to distributing work permits to illegal aliens. 

New York City has become a flash point for America’s migrant crisis 

Over the past several years, New York City has become completely overrun with illegal aliens. 

Reports have emerged of migrant communities setting up open-air brothels, drug markets, and other illegal activities in broad daylight. 

As Eric Adams points out, many of these people do not have the authorizations needed to work, allowing many of them to sit idle as they wait for permits. 

Eric Adams and his allies have no idea what to do with these illegal aliens, who keep pouring into the Big Apple by the busload. 

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