Judge dropped a truthbomb on Kamala Harris over her spreading blue state catastrophe

Kamala Harris can’t help but cause chaos.

Now a horrific episode from her history has reappeared.

And a judge just slammed Kamala Harris for one spreading blue state disaster.

2020 riots began with George Floyd’s death.

Egged on by Democrats and their media friends, rioters looted and burned major American cities, causing billions in property damage and numerous deaths.

After thousands of rioters were arrested, George Soros-backed groups went to work getting bail monies to free them.

And then-Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris went to work too.

Harris requested that her millions of followers on social media give to the Minnesota Freedom Fund in 2020 to bail out riot-arrested criminals.

“If you’re able to, chip in now to the @MNFreedomFund to help post bail for those protesting on the ground in Minnesota,” Harris wrote, posting a link to the Freedom Fund.

Kamala Harris and the Minnesota Freedom Fund bailed free a murderer

Shawn Michael Tillman allegedly murdered someone outside a St. Paul light rail stop three weeks after Harris got him out of jail.

Tillman has eight prior indecent exposure offenses, including in front of a child.

Judge Jeanine Pirro recently criticized Kamala Harris for “puffing up the criminal,” calling her out on her Fox News program.

“But she tweeted if you’re able to chip in [to] the Minnesota Freedom Fund to help those protesting on the ground,” Pirro stated about the now Vice Presidents’ actions.

“Let me tell you what this dirtbag was doing,” Pirro continued. “He was indecently exposing himself and he was masturbating in front of a woman. Now, that’s not the guy who was protesting on the ground.”

Leftists said they were “peacefully” protesting for social justice after George Floyd’s death ignited riots.

“And so, you know, but she wanted him freed, she got him freed and he killed someone,” Pirro went on. “It happens every day in America.”

Democrats want criminals taking over so people forget what it was like before they were in power

The Left’s goal is clear. They want to make things so bad that people totally lose touch with what life used to be like.

When they erase that history and those memories, then they can inflict whatever authoritarian hell they want.

That’s why left-wing groups like the Minnesota Freedom Fund will bail out a rapist and a domestic abuser who killed someone in road rage.

The Minnesota Freedom Fund won’t apologize for releasing murderers – neither will the Democrat politicians who back them.

“People are being freed with no bail or being freed, even though they’ve had guns, they can go out and get another gun, they go out and they kill somebody,” Pirro said finally.

Anti-police rhetoric and pro-criminal policies are causing tragedies nationwide.

And it’s most dangerous in blue states and cities.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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