Jared Polis’ backward state got exposed in one disturbing video

Democrats have blood on their hands.

When they claim to care about special groups, those individuals should watch out.

Because a disturbing new video shows how backward Jared Polis’ state has become.

A crazed attacker nearly killed a disabled man in yet another random act of violence in Denver.

Just released video shows the stabbing attack against an autistic man on a Denver bus.

The attack occurred in June but video from inside the bus has now been released.

But while criminals are busy attacking disabled people in his state, Colorado’s Democrat Governor Jared Polis was busy using kids with a disability to defend President Joe Biden.

Democrats like Polis couldn’t care less about individual citizens unless they serve their political power.

That’s why over the last several years, America has seen a massive spike in crime, especially in most cities.

To make matters worse, random acts of violence are particularly on the rise.

But things got especially violent after this crazed attacker nearly killed a disabled man for the most arbitrary reason.

There is no denying that America is more violent, and more depraved than any other time in recent memory.

Crime is through the roof, and in nearly every city in America robberies and homicides are up dramatically.

On top of these crimes, random acts of violence and hatred are also on the rise.

Just about every day you can find stories on the news of random people being hit, spit on, stabbed, or pushed for no reason whatsoever.

Disabled people, the elderly, and children — nobody is safe from this violence, not even the most vulnerable among us.

This was evidenced in the hellscape known as Denver, Colorado with this attack on the city bus, where an lunatic passenger erupted in a fit of rage and out of nowhere stabbed the nearby passenger — an autistic man — 10 times.

Fortunately, the man did not die due to a good Samaritan jumping in and saving the victim.

According to eye-witness reports, the suspect became enraged after the victim allegedly stared at him for a period of time.

The victim is a 22-year-old who has autism, is bipolar, and also deals with schizophrenia.

The fact that he or anyone else cannot ride a public bus in peace in the deep blue enclave of Denver is horrifying, yet not surprising.

As it stands, the attacker has not been caught yet and remains at large.

Surely this has nothing to do with the lack of resources allocated to the police in the People’s Republic of Denver.

This attack exemplifies just how dangerous Denver and other Democrat-controlled cities have become.

The socialists who run these cities are more interested in protecting themselves and passing socialist policies onto the public, making life more expensive and dangerous.

Denver, in particular, has become a practically unlivable city, especially after Denver, like so many other Democrat-controlled towns, has turned a blind eye to what is commonly referred to as “urban camping.”

Although urban camping is technically banned, the city has made it very clear that they are not willing to do anything to enforce this rule.

This means homeless bums can set up tents wherever the hell they want as long as it is on public grounds. Homeless camps on private grounds are also often ignored due to Denver’s reluctance to do anything about the homeless problem.

Known as the broken window theory of policing – refusal to uphold these urban camping and other nuisance laws emboldens worse criminal behavior.

As a result, Denver has been plunged into unmitigated violence, and random attacks against innocent people such as this attack are commonplace.

If Denver ever hopes to rebound from this state of chaos, then voters need to hold these destructive Democrats accountable.

People should not tolerate living in a city where they cannot ride a bus without the fear of being ambushed and potentially killed.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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