It did not take long for this “woke” themed bar to cancel itself

“Wokeness” or the act of being politically correct has completely consumed the Left.

Anybody who does not bow down to their ridiculous world view faces the ultimate form of punishment, cancellation. 

Well, in this far-Left city it did not take long for this “woke” themed bar to cancel itself.

The Left is destroying itself with cancel culture

For decades now, the radical Left in America has been on an all out crusade on culture and language.

This is very common for far-Left movements, particularly the communist revolution in China which resulted in the Chinese language and culture forever being altered. 

America is seeing the same revolution unfold, as the Left is doing everything in their power to police what is said and how it is said. 

This comes in the form of political correctness, or “wokeness “

In today’s America, the Left has made it clear that any use of unapproved language or topics that make anybody feel uncomfortable is grounds for cancellation – still the Left’s go-to punishment in most cases for now. 

But inevitably this policing of diction and culture is backfiring spectacularly on the Left.

The bar has become so ridiculously high that the Left have begun consuming themselves.

A prime example just  occurred at a bar in the liberal Mecca of Portland, Oregon. 

A new bar was opened called Doc Maries, and it was intended to be a “lesbian bar for everyone”. 

Well this lesbian bar for everyone did not last after it closed just one day after its grand opening.

The managers immediately quit, and the workers formed a collective demanding that they be given control over the business on the grounds that they were “misled about the space being safe and welcoming.”

Those demands fell to deaf ears, and the bar remains shuttered. 

Woke culture will be the undoing of the Left

If this crusade by the Left persists, then they will inevitably consume themselves.

This failed lesbian bar is only one example, but many liberal political organizations and campaigns are feeling this same pressure.

It is impossible to be a perfect human being, yet this is exactly what the Left is demanding. 

Sooner rather than later, people will wise up to this culture war.

Simply put, forcing people to live in a state of fear over their past and every word they say is not a sustainable and healthy way to live. 

Safe spaces are also incredibly stupid, and are typically a sign a fragility and weakness.

Also, let’s not forget that Portland is a crime infested hellhole, so there is nothing objectively safe about this city or bar. 

Let this bar be a lesson of my woke culture and political correctness are so dangerous. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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