Guys in Pennsylvania should gird their loins for battle against this bill being pushed in their state

Feminists have always had a grudge against men and have floated the idea of castration to take out their anger.

Well, it’s finally time for men to hide their boys from these deranged leftists.

And guys in Pennsylvania should gird their loins for battle against this bill being pushed in their state.

Gents over forty in PA – watch out – your boys’ days might be numbered . . .

Since the 1970s radical feminists have floated the idea of castrating men.

Back then that seemed like such a far-fetched idea that no one took it seriously.

But now in 2021, anything seems possible.

With conservatives finally making gains in the pro-life movement, the Left has been looking for any argument to stick against men for their bodily autonomy argument.

So they’ve latched on to giving men the snip as a way to even the playing field (even though that’s as dumb of an argument against valuing life as you can make).

But now they are trying to make it law in PA.

State Rep. Christopher Rabb has put forward a bill as a counter to the Texas Heartbeat Bill by demanding that men get a vasectomy after having three kids or after turning forty, whichever comes first.

Rabb claimed in a memo addressing his bill that:

In order to improve public health outcomes and release sweet justice into our households and bedrooms, we must wrap our love of individual liberty in the moral imperative of greater personal responsibility and acknowledge men’s essential role in procreation

And in a Tweet about the bill, the crazed Leftist representative tweeted out, “I will be introducing a bill inspired by @RepKellyCassidy that requires all inseminators to undergo #vasectomies within 6 weeks of having their third child or 40th birthday, whichever comes first.”

If you live in the good old state of PA, you better hold on to them boys extra tight because leftists are coming for them.

But one of the real questions about this is what happens if you identify as a woman?

That can cause some confusion.

So when they come for them just claim, “it’s ma’am.”


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