Governor Murphy’s secret intentions for New Jersey have been exposed if he is reelected

Sometimes leftists say the quiet part out loud and let the world know their true intentions.

And New Jersey better get ready for what’s coming down the pike.

That’s because Governor Murphy’s secret intentions for New Jersey have been exposed if he is reelected.

Things have been bad in New Jersey for quite a while if you are a conservative.

The state literally hasn’t had a conservative Governor in the 21st century.

Some might think of Chris Christie, but the dude was a joke of a politician who had the political philosophy close to RINO Liz Chaney.

Christie was literally best-known for his dance moves and eating ice cream while grounded on the beach.

But over the past several years, poor New Jersey has been under Governor Murphy’s rule to just make it worse.

The man has been a leftist political puppet while Governor, doing everything the woke outrage mob and socialists have requested of him.

Murphy openly embraced the radical Black Lives Matter rioters last summer as they burned cities across the country.

And he’s gone on a power trip unrivaled across the nation during COVID panic.

Who can forget back last summer when Murphy declared war on business owners and mom and pop shops that tried to stay open during the pandemic?

But just wait.

If Murphy wins another term on Tuesday in New Jersey, COVID tyranny is about to get a hell of a lot worse.

Project Veritas got video of Wendy Martinez, who works Hispanic outreach for Murphy’s campaign, openly admitting, if he wins, Murphy will enforce vaccine mandates like our nation hasn’t seen on the citizens of New Jersey.

Martinez claimed in the undercover video that “He’s going to do it, but he couldn’t do it before the elections because ​[​independent ​and undecided ​voters are​]​ all into all the s–t. My rights, my s–t.”

You can watch the video that reveals Phil Murphy’s true intentions below:

Let’s see how badly New Jersey wants to keep its little bit of individual freedom today because it’s clear if Murphy wins reelection he will force vaccine mandates on everyone he can.


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