George Soros crossed the biggest police force in the world and they’re letting him have it

Globalist billionaire George Soros spent big bankrolling far-Left prosecutors around the country.

Now, Soros is reaping the rewards.

Because he crossed the biggest police force in the world and now they’re letting him have it.

The Democrat Party and their left-wing financier George Soros spearheaded a wave of leftist police “reforms” that have been instituted in many large, Democrat-controlled cities in recent years and they have proven to be an unmitigated disaster.

Hamstrung by counterproductive and dogmatic far-left policies put in place by Soros-backed Democrat prosecutors and Big City politicians, cops are resigning or retiring in record numbers.

New York City has gotten so crazy as a result that NYPD detectives are now taking drastic action.

Over 100 NYPD detectives have retired so far this month and another 75 plan to follow suit in July.

It’s all due to ineffective policies that let criminals go free.

Detectives Endowment Association president Paul DiGiacomo says of the departures, “That’s going to have a major impact on investigating crimes. The detective squads are down now as we speak and are investigating more cases. It’s going to have an impact on public safety.”

With the retirement of 250 detectives already this year, the total number of detectives is now 5,600, nearly 2,000 fewer than twenty years ago.

One detective flatly says he’s had enough and is leaving the job after 18 years of service.

Queens Detective Jason Caputo pointed to the no-bail law pushed by Soros and the Democrats.

“To know me is to know I love the job in and out, but it’s not the same job I joined. The no-bail law was a big thing with me. It’s not even really crime fighting anymore. You arrest somebody for assault 2 with a weapon and then the person is back at the precinct getting his property the next day. They’re not locking anyone up, even those with records. Pay your debt to society. You broke the law,” Caputo stated.

Another Bronx detective who didn’t want to give his name said, “I put my papers in and I’m scheduled to leave next month. The criminals are not being prosecuted and they’re not being held accountable. It’s insane. I feel bad for the businesses. You can even have private security and they just go in there and assault them. They assault police. It really sucks. But I don’t see any politician really solving the problem.”

And it isn’t just detectives as cops are also leaving the force in record numbers.

Through May 31st, over 1,500 NYPD officers have either resigned or retired so far this year making for the biggest exodus of officers since the statistics have been available.

Earlier this year, police and detective unions blasted radical arrest and sentencing reforms announced by Soros-backed Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who issued a memo barring detention and incarceration except for homicide and a few other crimes.

Predictably, all of this adds up to an increase in crime.

Joseph Giacalone is a John Jay College of Criminal Justice professor and a former NYPD sergeant and says, “It will take 20 years to fix this mess. The city is bleeding blue and only the cop haters will be celebrating. There’s no way to stop it. Activists, abolitionists, and their pandering politicians have done so much damage to the profession that it will take a generation to fix, if at all.”

Of course, this is just one more example of how the Left hurts people that they claim to want to help.

Once the rallies and the marches are over it is often the poorer, minority neighborhoods that are most adversely affected by woke policies that limit effective policing.

Earlier this month, even far-Left San Francisco voted overwhelmingly to recall radical District Attorney Chesa Boudin, so fortunately there are some hopeful signs that public opinion is shifting toward crime prevention.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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