Gavin Newsom just drew new fire in his war against Ron DeSantis and red states

For California Governor Gavin Newsom, destroying his home state of California just is not enough for him.

Newsom wants to destroy the entire nation, which he has made very clear in recent times.

But Gavin Newsom just drew new fire in his war against Ron DeSantis and red states.

Gavin Newsom has become the attack dog of the radical Left

Even though Gavin Newsom has done an absolutely horrible job as Governor of California, he is still convinced that his messed-up vision for California can work for the rest of America.

This was made painfully obvious in Newsom’s recent attack on Florida’s popular governor Ron DeSantis.

In case you don’t know, Newsom launched a series of ads urging residents in Florida to move to California, as well as ads that tried to persuade movie producers to stop filming in Florida.

Democrats in California even went as far to put up disgusting billboards saying “Don’t move to Texas” and that “The Texas Miracle Died in Uvalde” in the wake of the Uvalde tragedy.

Of course, you can bet if these Democrats put billboards up in Honduras, they’d say just the opposite.

Leftists want a flood illegals moving to red states

Democrats don’t care if illegals move to red states. Because as long as more of them are moving into the country it still means more taxpayer handouts for their social welfare and Big Labor allies.

The point is, Newsom has launched an all-out war on red states, especially Florida, but thankfully some are fighting back.

One such governor is Glenn Youngkin, who was elected as Governor of Virginia just last year.

In this case, Youngkin is clapping back at a bill Newsom has signed that would ban the sale of gas-powered cars by 2035.

Thanks to Democrats’ total control in Virginia prior to his election, California’s ban on gasoline-powered cars could soon apply in the Old Dominion and a host of other states with laws tied to California’s emissions regulations.

Youngkin appeared on Tucker Carlson on Fox News recently to talk about the Democrats’ climate lunacy and reversing the state “trigger” laws,

Youngkin claimed “We find ourselves today with this ludicrous law that Virginia has to follow California’s laws, so we’re going to go to work and stop this because Virginians should be making decisions for Virginians”

Youngkin is completely right, and more Republican governors need to fight back against insane laws like these.

If Newsom wants to start a war with red states, then it is imperative that Republicans use this opportunity to shine a spotlight on Newsom’s appalling record as governor.

Why banning gas-powered cars completely misses the point

Not only is banning gas-powered cars infeasible, but it does absolutely nothing to reduce pollution and fossil fuel consumption.

Electric vehicle batteries are insanely expensive and the production of these batteries requires the mining of rare earth metals which is very toxic to the environment. To make matters worse, these batteries typically do not last longer than a decade at best.

The next reason why electric vehicles are not worth the hype is that they require users to be attached to government-controlled power grids, which are fueled by coal and other fossil fuels.

And as was seen just days after passage of California’s car ban, the state can’t even keep up with electric demand whenever temps top 85 degrees.

Of course, it’s not really about the environment.

Hydrogen-powered cars are far more innovative and environmentally friendly compared to EVs, however, they do not require users to attach to a state-controlled and overpriced electrical grid.

Electric vehicles also require users to stay in areas that have an abundance of power stations, which is typically in Democrat urban controlled areas.

The last thing liberals want is to have their voters venturing off into the countryside.

Or driving their a**es out of blue state hellholes.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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