Gavin Newsom has some explaining to do after his blue state government makes life more unaffordable than ever before

Democrats like to blame Republicans for every problem in the country—real and imagined. 

But there’s some funny business going on in California. 

And Governor Gavin Newsom has some explaining to do after his blue state government makes life more unaffordable than ever before.

If Democrats have all the answers, The Golden State should be paradise on earth. 

But the reality is that California is rife with poverty, crime, and misery. 

Now, thanks to having to deal with Democrats in power at the state and federal level, middle class Californians are hanging on by a thread. 

But some recent news is likely to cause that thread to snap for many families. 

During a time when inflation is at a 41-year high, Californians just got news that healthcare premiums on the state’s Obamacare individual marketplace are set to rise by an average 6%. 

“Premiums are a capturing of what health care costs are, how they vary across geographies and communities, how health care costs are growing over time, which we know in this country are already too high and rising,” executive director of Covered California, Jessica Altman said. 

For people in certain counties their health insurance prices are set for massive surges. 

Policy holders in Mono, Inyo, and Imperial counties can expect their bill to go up by 12%, according to The Los Angeles Times.

In spite of having some of the most incredible real estate, weather, and natural resources in the nation, along with an economy bigger than France’s, California apparently can’t manage to make life anywhere near comfortable for its citizens. 

Thanks to Governor Gavin Newsom’s spendthrift ways, healthcare costs are set to skyrocket in 2023 as federal aid falls back from pandemic levels. 

Ironically, Democrats are constantly whining about how access to health care is a fundamental right. 

But instead of making life easier for citizens, the blue state is managing to make life even more miserable even as Newsom spends his days positioning himself to make a huge leap from his luxurious 12,000 square foot Sacramento home to the White House.   

No doubt, he’ll be holding up his home state as some sort of model for the rest of the country. 

A deeper look into what’s been happening in California reveals the consummate politician obsessed with pushing leftist talking points and passing legislation lawmakers can crow about as being “first in the nation.” 

Chances are citizens trying to scrape together enough cash to pay for this month’s minimum credit card payments would pick healthcare payments they can afford over electric car chargers being installed in neighborhoods where nobody is even going to be able to think about buying a new car.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.



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