Donald Trump is winning a fight with a crooked judge – and Joe Biden is furious

Donald Trump is out of office, but he’s still winning political fights.

Now a crooked judge may get what she has coming to her.

And the end result is sure to make Joe Biden furious.

Donald Trump’s law enforcement efforts linger even after the Biden administration has spent more than a year doing its level best to destroy everything Trump accomplished.

But a crooked judge who helped an illegal alien escape captured by ICE agents during Trump’s watch is going to have to defend herself in court.

Massachusetts’ judge Shelley Joseph is accused of helping a man sneak out of a courthouse by letting him leave her courtroom through a back door.

Shelley tried to claim immunity when Trump’s administration came after her for the illegal move, but a federal appeals court refused to dismiss the case against Joseph and a retired court officer.

Attorneys for the judge and court officer tried to argue that the Tenth Amendment protects state officers from enforcing federal law and that Joseph has judicial immunity.

But the federal judge said they’ll have to face a trial before those arguments can be considered.

They face charges of conspiracy and obstruction of justice.

Jose Medina-Perez was in Joseph’s courtroom due to a drug charge when his defense attorney approached the bench and had a conversation with the judge and prosecutor.

Joseph is accused of then having court officer Wesley MacGregor escort Medina-Perez downstairs through a back door where he used his security access card to open a sally-port exit to allow Medina-Perez to slip away.

While that was happening, ICE agents were waiting outside the courtroom to arrest the illegal alien who had already been deported multiple times.

A panel of three judges in the appeals court weren’t impressed with that stunt.

“The indictment does not allege that Judge Joseph and Deputy MacGregor merely declined to enforce federal immigration law,” the court’s opinion read. “Instead, it alleges that they affirmatively interfered with federal officials’ attempts to enforce federal law.”

Incredibly, when Joseph was arrested in 2019 a group of 61 judges filed a claim in her defense saying that coming down on the crooked judge could have a “chilling” effect and make illegal aliens less likely to help out with court cases.

Thankfully, the appeals court wasn’t foolish enough to agree to essentially making laws from the bench to protect a den of criminals.

With judges like Joseph and her supporters around it makes it all the more apparent how much trouble we’re in as Joe Biden’s Administration has effectively opened the border to anyone and everyone with millions of illegal aliens flooding into the United States in the past year.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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