Disney villain Gavin Newsom’s perfect hair can’t save him from this profoundly stupid political move—and he can hear voters starting to grumble

California Governor Gavin Newsom looks like the evil corporate villains you remember from Saturday morning Disney shows who were always scheming to build a high-rise or something in the beloved park where all the kids played.

He’d paid off the town council! And unless the neighborhood gang raced across town on their BMX bikes to find the old codger whose grandad gifted it to the town “FOR PARK PURPOSES ONLY”, it’s closing by this Saturday!

Well the Golden State Disney villain’s perfect hair can’t save him from this profoundly stupid political move—and he can hear voters starting to grumble.

The political elite live to grasp at power and impress their elite pals.

But eventually, reality has a way of catching up to them.

Gavin Newsom is getting a rude awakening to that truth.

As rolling blackouts plague California during the final dog days of summer, voters are being constantly confronted with the profound stupidity of their elected officials—especially Governor and aspiring presidential candidate Gavin Newsom.

Disney villain governor sets the stage for one astoundingly hypocritical blunder

Newsom recently signed a bill into law prohibiting the sale of new vehicles with gasoline engines after the year 2035.

Within days of that announcement California’s electrical grid started suffering causing officials to issue a notice asking residents to cut back on using electricity and avoid charging their electric cars.

As the days drag on with ongoing rolling blackouts, California residents are becoming increasingly frustrated with the beyond illogical decisions coming out of Sacramento.

When a reporter from KUSI News went to a San Diego gas station she got more than an earful.

“That’s stupid. If you ban gas cars, does he really think like solar powered vehicles are gonna produce enough power to get up to freeway speed? My three-year-old can tell you that’s not gonna happen,” one woman with a minivan said. “And does the average working family here, even in Tierra Santa which is above the average income for the San Diego area, does he think that we can all just willy-nilly drop 70k for a Tesla? Probably not realistic.”

She also took Newsom to task for jettisoning nuclear power in the state.

“If we don’t have nuclear power, we don’t have affordable power,” She explained. “So, does he think some magic ‘poof’ and we’re going to have power when we plug the cars in?”

Others pointed out that it’s an obviously unworkable idea considering that California doesn’t even have a grid capable of handling the needs of its population now.

One man even pointed out the true drive behind much of Newsom’s agenda saying that, “I think that California, especially under Newsom, tries to be ahead of the curve just for political reasons rather than for economical reasons or practical reasons.”

In spite of how thoroughly Newsom is annoying Californians, he doesn’t appear to be sweating yet—and that’s making them even madder.

Finger-wagging Newsom clearly blasting his own AC

When Newsom appeared on camera encouraging residents to “pre-cool your home” and “run your conditioner earlier” he was wearing a zipped up fleece jacket and baseball cap making it abundantly clear that his AC is set far below the recommended 78 degrees.

Newsom was immediately ripped on social media.

“Gavin, I am sweating inside my own house right now with 1/4 of the clothing on that you’re wearing in this video. Where are you?” one Twitter user complained, The New York Post reported.

So far, the Governors’ office has avoided telling the Post where Newsom was when he recorded the video—or why the room was apparently so chilly during a heat wave.

Meanwhile, the Governor had better come up with some quick excuses or one phenomenal diversion soon to distract voters from one of the most boneheaded political decisions ever.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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