Democrats overreached big time in New York. Now they’re going to be sorry

Democrats are in big trouble and they know it.

Their House majority is about to crumble and they are going to great lengths to stave off what is looking to be a decisive wave of popular support against them this fall.

And Democrats overreached big time in New York. Now they’re going to be sorry.

The New York Court of Appeals is the highest court in the state and it just tossed out the state’s Congressional map, which Democrats brazenly drew to skew districts to their advantage and illegally snuff out three Republican Representatives in Congress.

The text of the court’s decision reads, “In 2014, the People of the State of New York amended the State Constitution to adopt historic reforms of the redistricting process by requiring, in a carefully structured process, the creation of electoral maps by an Independent Redistricting Commission (IRC) and by declaring unconstitutional certain undemocratic practices such as partisan and racial gerrymandering. No one disputes that this year, during the first redistricting cycle to follow adoption of the 2014 amendments, the IRC and the legislature failed to follow the procedure commanded by the State Constitution.”

So, the state Constitution was amended in 2014, largely at the behest of Democrats in the name of “fairness” – but now that the party (unexpectedly) has gained full control of the State Legislature in addition to having a Democrat Governor, all of a sudden the Democrats are keen to ditch “fairness” for the sake of pressing a political advantage.

The high court issuing this decision is comprised entirely of Democrat appointees – and nevertheless rejected the egregious gerrymander by a vote of 4-3.

The court has ordered a special master to assist it to “adopt constitutional maps with all due haste” and because the ruling was made by the highest court in the state it will be very difficult to overturn.

The Constitution gives states the power to redistrict in a manner of their choosing, so the states with no such restrictions face little in the way of legitimate legal objections to their maps.

The Democrats’ objection to and hand-wringing over gerrymandering has only escalated in recent decades as historically Democrat-leaning southern states switched allegiance to the GOP.

So in a now familiar vein, gerrymandering didn’t become a clear and present danger to “Our Democracy” on the level of the dastardly Electoral College and equal numbers of Senators per state until the Democrats found themselves not competitive outside of urban enclaves.

Democrats in New York tried to game the system to their advantage when it suited them, after they complained about it for years, but then they pushed too far and got burned.

Now as a result, the Left’s chances for retaining power after November have gone from bad to worse.

You love to see it.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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