Democrats just passed “safe” sites law that will have your jaw on the floor

The Left are racing toward the fringes.

No radical idea is off limits.

And Democrats just passed a “safe” sites law that will leave your jaw on the floor.

California is rapidly descending into madness.

The Democratic legislature has a supermajority and lawmakers are passing radical policy.

Now Democrats are pushing for “safe injection” drug sites in major cities.

National Review reported that “the California state senate and house this week passed Senate Bill 57, which would permit drug users to safely inject or smoke drugs while at supervised facilities in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Oakland. Senate Republicans all voted ‘no’ on the bill. State Senate Republican leader Scott Wilk said the bill was ‘one of the most dangerous pieces of legislation that I’ve seen sent to the governor.’ S.B. 57 now heads to Governor Gavin Newsom’s desk…Some studies do suggest that these safe-injection sites will lead to fewer overdoses and HIV infections. However, the evidence does not appear conclusive by any means. Safe-injection sites do not have a good track record of directing drug users toward treatment and recovery; in some cases, referral rates are as low as 1 percent.”

Leftists have long been pushing for these policies, which have been attempted in some European countries.

However, one big difference is that American leftists are actively attempting to destigmatize hard drug use and remove incentives for getting clean.

For example, “unhoused” advocates do not want addicts to be forced to get clean as a condition of getting their own room.

In other words, they’re enabling destructive drug use.

And cities like San Francisco are running ads that suggest IV drug use can be “empowering.”

National Review added that “in 2017, five cities around Seattle passed local ordinances prohibiting safe-injection sites, demonstrating that there is opposition to these programs even in progressive areas. Common sense suggests that providing safe-injection sites will incentivize drug abusers to continue using. If addicts believe they can shoot up safely, they will have less of a reason to try to stop. Common sense also suggests that a better policy would be to help users of potentially deadly drugs into treatment.”

Of all the problems with leftism, perhaps the biggest is the belief that good outputs can be achieved regardless of the inputs so long as the system is perfect.

It’s a flawed worldview that is leading people to destroy their lives, and the state is sanctioning it.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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