Democrats in one deep-blue city are blaming their problems on something too insane to believe

Many blue state residents are getting fed up.

They’re getting a taste of what happens when left-wing Democrats are in charge, and they don’t like it.

And Democrats in one deep-blue city are blaming their problems on something too insane to believe.

San Francisco might be the most left-wing city in the country.

Despite its obvious far-left tilt, city residents recently recalled George Soros-backed District Attorney Chesa Boudin.

It turns out that even liberals get tired of Democrats’ pro-crime policies that erode cities.

But the corporate-controlled press, particularly on the east coast, tried to frame Boudin’s recall as a triumph of Republican influence in the city.

And another San Francisco leftist is making the same absurd argument.

District Supervisor Connie Chan tried to blame the influence of MAGA – yes, MAGA – on the problems facing city politics.

Her evidence is Republican Mayoral candidate Ellen Lee Zhou – who lost to Mayor London Breed by 56 points – attended the January 6 rally.

Chan wrote on Twitter, “As I’m watching the investigation hearing on the January 6th Attack on the Capitol, I’m reminded that Proud Boy/Trumpian racist supporters are not just in some states far away from our beloved City by the Bay. They’re here too. The Trumpian racists are among us, and they increased in 2020 compared to 2016 by votes for Trump in SF but we became complacent, myself included when Biden was elected, and we thought San Francisco would still remain a city of ‘progressive’ majority. Regrettably, I even recently encountered Ellen Lee Zhou on the steps of city hall who asked to shake my hand and I did, even though I know this is someone who’s clearly racist. Because January 6th seemed so long ago even though it was only last year.”

Leftists are completely insane.

If a city does not have a population comprised of 100% leftists like them, clearly Donald Trump Republicans must be the ones who are truly in power.

In reality, center-left liberals got sick of the communists ruining the city, and recalled Boudin.

One of the journalistic defenders of Boudin even tried to argue that San Francisco has never been leftist because Republicans once dominated city government a century ago.

Democrats are currently going through an identity crisis.

Liberals thought they were standing shoulder to shoulder with fellow liberals, not communist revolutionaries.

They will have to decide if they’re willing to let the radicals do irreparable damage to their cities.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story. 



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