Deaths in one Democrat-controlled state continue to show how gun control is failing miserably

A Thanksgiving weekend “killing spree” in an American city with some of the nation’s strictest gun laws show the danger in following leftist policies.

This latest round of shootings comes shortly after Supreme Court justices hinted the nation has too many gun control laws.

And deaths in one Democrat-controlled state continue to show how gun control is failing miserably.

The Windy City is making international headlines with a Daily Mail headline in the United Kingdom reading, “‘Chicago is a war zone’: Terrifying video shows machine gun fire erupting on the streets in bloody Thanksgiving weekend of gun violence as three are killed and another 40 are shot.”

No doubt it’s a headline leftists around the world are gasping at and pointing to as they gripe about all the guns in America.

But there’s one problem: gun control doesn’t work.

If it did, Chicago would be a sort of left-wing utopia already since the city has plenty of gun control laws.

In fact, leftists who seem to be emotionally invested in gun control, no matter how illogical it is, are bracing themselves for a major blow.

In early November, Supreme Court Justices questioned a New York law in a way that caused Newsweek to report that they seem to think, “gun control laws are excessive not only in that state but across the nation.”

Sure enough, the oral argument record shows that first hearing was basically a train wreck for gun control advocates with New York Solicitor General Barabara D. Underwood fumbling to answer a barrage of (fairly simple) questions as she tried to defend ridiculous concealed carry rules.

One of the most telling questions came from Justice Brett Kavanaugh when he asked, “Why isn’t it good enough to say, ‘I live in a violent area and I want to be able to defend myself?’”

A UCLA law professor, Adam Winkler, told Newsweek that, “A significant portion of the gun safety movements’ current agenda is likely to come under attack in the coming years.” He added that, “I think bans on assault weapons and bans on high-capacity magazines are ripe for the new Supreme Court, with its newly invigorated Second Amendment, to strike down.”

No doubt, that thought is horrifying to far-left Democrats who seem incapable of understanding the difference between gun control and gun safety.

While gun control gives criminals and their thugs an edge against law-abiding citizens, gun safety involves responsible use that recognizes them as the powerful tools they are.

New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc. v. Bruen will be the first Second Amendment case where all three of Donald Trump’s Supreme Court Appointees will be presiding.

The top court could make a ruling on the case sometime in mid-2022.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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